Monday, February 14, 2011

Concerts are selling like Hot CAKES

This year , a lot of famous artist are coming to Malaysia and the tickets are selling like HOT CAKES!!! and it looks as if the tickets are free! Everyone is forking out money just to see their favorite artist perform!

Among one of the Hottest artist that concert tickets are probably sold out by now is JUSTIN BIEBER!
The cute 'ICONIC' hairstyle , that gorgeous smile and the voice that makes girls go CRAZYYY! is coming to Malaysia this April.

Other singers like Mary J Blige have just had her concert not long ago.

Of course we couldn't forget about the UK's hottest boy band The Wanted is also coming to Malaysia this 20Feb2011 with their song title ALL TIME LOW! its a wonderful song and it is awesome!

Last but not least Micheal Buble concert around April!
i love Micheal Buble a lot! his songs are so fun and give that jazz feel whenever i play his songs! =)

Well thats about it!!! Will keep everyone updated

-signing out-
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with lots of love =)

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