Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentines Day ♥

Valentines day 14 FEB
its what people call " THE DAY LOVE IS IN THE AIR "

The moment you look at your other half and you feel this strong " Intermolecular force of attraction " even the strongest heat can't tear you apart...

everything is fated but sometimes you get all cold and sometimes people just loss all their heat at the end
But it all depends on how you look at it and take it =)
A Rose means a lot to a girl,although they usually refuse to accept it but a rose means that you cherish her and you love her a lot its a symbol of love

A Tulip means that she will always be the one and only and no one can replace her in your heart.

For some people , sharing deserts with their love one's is important because it means you will always share good memories sweet times together and you always enjoy the other halfs company =)

On Valentines day some choose to tell others how they feel about them while some ask for a second chance

People all got their own ways to celebrate Valentines for most its a very happy day
but for some people , its a day that they have to go through all the pain and sadness.Some people wish to see hope in other people's eyes , some wish to regain trust in love , some try hard to believe in true love , some is trying to let go and let love come knocking in their door .

People show their love in different ways ...
its just the matter of how much effort you put on it and not how much money you spend on it

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runaway love ♥ we are young ♥ we live our life with no boundries and thats just who everyone is when they are young ♥

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