Thursday, September 15, 2011

Why are we second best?

Why are we second best?
Have you ever think about it?
Have you ever felt like no one wants you and even if they pick you , you are always second and someone else or something comes first place in their heart but that will never be you?
I know how exactly are you feeling now...
You know guys? and RELATIONSHIPS?? Well for the first few months , they will love you alot your love will be very strong but as time goes by , its like a process ... the love will get weakened and both the boy and the girl will start to show their "TRUE SELF"
You know what i mean???This is what girls think:
we can always give up everything in our life just to make him happy , give up all our time , just to see them , we can sacrifice anything just to see that smile and sparkles in their eyes ... we will never feel tired or bored of taking care of them and automatically we will treat them like KINGS...
but what do we get? we will never be the first they want to see , we will never be the FIRST...
They can put their games , their work , their money , their friends first . Its never wrong everyone get to choose who they want to put first place and how they want their world to revolve around.
But its just sometimes girls get so tired of it! Every single time when things are planned out nicely they can always give up and back out last minute and all they can do is say SORRY. That anger and frustation in girls just disappear and they fall into his trap again... Compromising too much , giving but not taking... Tolerating
but what about guys?
Guys will always think that girls are annoying...The first few months they are very caring but later on they feel that girls are clingy , feel that they are not understanding them.

I just want to ask all the guys out there in this world...
Is it that hard to give up some time to accompany your girl?
is it that hard to not let your girl think that YOU CHOOSE YOUR GAMES OVER HER?
do you know how hard is it for a girl to know that you rather choose your game over seeing her?
She is craving for you but you on the other hand think that its normal to give each other MORE SPACE...
do you know that that space you put between you guys can actually kill your love? your love will eventually fade off slowly and die...
Guys you ahould learn how to appreciate all the things girls do for you ..
is it too much to ask for a few hours? is it too much to ask for just one look??

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