Thursday, November 24, 2011

Growing up

Growing up you face a lot of problems not because you get all fucked up with your private life but its just that when you grow up , you start to have a lot of CHOICES , and those choices can determine what and who you are going to be in the future. You start making choices but you start to wonder if its for the better or not.
During this SPM exam period *well its not done yet i still have 3 papers to sit for*, i learnt a lot of things , i have learnt that you need to try your best in order to get quality results.Throughout this period of examination i really feel stressed out! not because i didn't prepare well (ok maybe its a lil because of that) but then its like the pressure of getting A+ u know! its the competition between you and A+ its really deadly!
i really felt so tensed up ! before the exam i always joke around and say "AIYA as long as its an A then i am happy adi" But no!NO! seriously getting A-,A and A+ defines how much you have worked hard and how well have you done.
i couldn't sleep well , i have not enough time to revise back , i often feel scared , i would get mad at anyone who tries to criticize my actions , i feel like i need a time out you know its really tiring! trying to fight and fight , and trying to do my best sometimes i just hope that the person i love most would say baby don't worry everything will be okay i love you. but i guess its so close yet so far away.
SPM didn't just take away my social life , SPM took away my boyfriend from me! SPM brought stress and tension into my life. It introduced insomnia as my new friend.
sometimes after i finish a paper , i really feel like i am going to pass out or black out its just so tiring... stressful...

the tension of trying to prove to others what CRYSTAL WONG JING EE is made up of its really tough.the only thing that i have and i can prove to others that i am not just that Freaky little chick that parties around like mad , drink like there is no tomorrow , cheer like its my last day on earth or have a great boyfriend and i would sacrifice my time for him. The only thing that i can prove to others that i am not dumb is by scoring and nailing every single exam and to prove to those that underestimated me WRONG =)

actually my main intension wasn't to talk about how stress up my life is , its just that... you know sometimes you really want to spend some times with the guy you love even if its just talking for awhile and staring into each other eyes... but its so hard i can't sleep without talking to him... and everytime when i listen to Katy Perry's song i feel like crying...
watch this video if you want to know how i feel now

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