Thursday, December 1, 2011

the verdict jorney

the kind of fear of losing someone
the kind of fear of seeing the person you love most disappear in a thin flim of air
the kind of fear that the best things in life that god gave you is taken away in a blink of an eye

you will never know how i am feeling now
my hands are shaking , my feet is so ice cold its as if i don't have any blood flowing down , my heart is beating at a rate of a heart attack patient going on a roller coaster ride , my eyes are all dry and tired , my heart is hurting because i don't know what are you thinking now

this second i still have you but i hope that the next second and forever i will still have you by my side... i don't want to lose u in the next second...

its so hard to find someone that you mind so much , everything that he does or say can affect you so badly it can turn your whole world upside down, he meant the world to me , meeting him was the best thing that has ever happen to me
although he has the most intolerable attitude but still i love him...
i don't know why
its easy for you to say let go if it hurts you so badly but do you know how i feel inside? leaving him is what that hurts even more... it eats you bit by bit and when you are gone , there is not even a single flesh on your bones anymore...
its painful and terrifying...
looking at the dark alley in front of you, knowing that he is not going to be the torch light and to walk with you towards the dark alley its scary..
fate brought us together , don't let small mistakes take what we share and have away...
i am hopeless trying to hope for a miracle so that i have something to believe that you won't leave me now and forever.

i just miss everything you do and say =/ just hope that u will give me a chance to tell you how i feel inside before you decide to go or stay...

state:in fear

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