Thursday, December 8, 2011

Play Pretend

we are all actors and actresses in life according to one of my friends theory.
well yeah its true! =) we are all fucking good actors and actresses we tend to hide our weaknesses hide our defects and we tend to be very deceitful.
But have you ever felt that when you are with 1 person of the opposite sex , only with them you feel like you don't have to put on a mask , hide your down sides , hide your weaknesses? Its like you let go of inner self that has been struggling like mad inside...
Its hard to find someone like that , you feel comfortable with them , feel the connection its almost as if you guys have a cable linking to each others.

i bet you have heard this for a billion , million , trillion times when someone break up , they tend to cry , after they cry after they get over the fact that they are all over , then they will start to party again start to have fun again.Thats life rite?
but what happens if you really happen to love that person so much , he meant so much to you , but he left you , you will probably think yeah you will get over it soon...
but how soon is soon? this is not like those normal breakups u know? not like HEY i'm gonna cry for 2 days maximum and i will hate you .But why this time , i don't hate you at all but i cried every morning when i wake up , weep when i think about you , weep when i hear our songs , weep when i go to all the places we went before..
what am i doing... moving backwards when you asked me to move forward

How can i let move forward when i know that it was really hard for us to be together , it was fate that we met each other , it was fate that brought us together , it was all the things you do and say . How can i let go of someone when i know that what we had was for real not just a silly game i play over and over again?

Well it took me a very long time to figure things out . For the past few days i was being a humpty dumpty when someone push me i would go to their way i was undecided and shit like that
but then now i have decided to give one last try.
even if it means being shot by a bullet and dying , at least i tried and i wouldn't regret.
i ain't desperate for a man , i'm just desperate for the reason that made our relationship fall flat on the ground , i'm just trying to get an answer that is satisfying and that is convincing.

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