Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Hey sorry guys i have been in a state of depression something like that lar after having some love problems!!
But hey! i got something to share
I've always felt that he was the one sometimes i don't realize that i am actually hiding from the truth , hiding from the fact that maybe that spark has been long gone , and that loving moment has been over.From time to time we are always making choices , brain storming , changing our minds , changing ourselves for the better and preparing ourselves for what the future is going to bring.
But sometimes we don't realize that instead of moving forward we are actually running in circles over and over again.My friend told me like hey why are you so stuck up in your own misery, why are you doing this to yourself you are just 17 years old , because of a guy you do this to yourself? you get yourself all depressed all emotional and all teary? is it worth it? you are just 17 , how many things have you encounter? how many people have you met? HOW MANY PARTS OF THE WORLD HAVE YOU SEEN? How much bitter have you gone through? Well its nothing , in this 17 years we will always find this one guy we think that HE IS THE ONE , HE WILL BE THE ONE THAT WE ARE GOING TO GET MARRIED TO IN THE FUTURE... Well think again :) it took me probably 2 weeks or more to think about it over and over again , think like hey What have i done to myself!
We are just 17 we are suppose to enjoy life , be with friends , have fun! Go on road trips , go on vacations and stuff like that ! then why be so glued up to your man/girl? its not logical you don't know what tomorrow brings , you just stay at the same spot not wanting to explore this wonderful world you just hope to stay with that person you love at the moment...

Let me tell you a story , i have a friend well she is a girl , she met this boy during high school and thought that they would be able to walk a long way , get married have kids and stuff like that but after being with that person for almost 5 years , she realized that he wasn't the one...
5 years and that relationship went down the drain...because of one thing , different thoughts and dreams ... We might share the same aspirations at first but well 1 year goes by and another year past again how sure are you that you will still stay the same have the same opinion about something??
We might think that we are mature enough to handle something but actually at this age , no one is mature enough to make the correct judgment ..Not you , Not me , Not us . We all can't judge a situation properly...

After being alone for a few days and finally allowing myself to go out and socialize with others again , i found out that hey love isn't everything... It might be everything when you are in it , but when you are out of it , you see a lot of things you never notice before , you look at stuff in a different dimension..
i feel really happy honestly!!! i have never feel so carefree before?! well should i say GAY! XD
its really fun being around with your girl friends you know dyeing their hair for them , having slumber parties , loiter around the shopping mall , look at bra and undies! its something i never do for a very long time... i have always think this way if i ever have time i would want to spend all of it with my boy but then i have just realize how foolish i was =)
Boys come and go but best friends are there forever! Really They would always stick up for me! whenever i have problems with someone or someone hurt my feelings they would be the first to hold a shovel and hunt that bastard down (Well its just a saying lar but we don't do it!!!)
I finally understand what is freedom =)
its really fun! you don't have to worry about him not replying your text , don't even have to think about what to give him on his birthday or on your anniversary! Its like i have been caging myself for so long too long , and now when i unleash myself i go WILD!
Party all day , hang out all night! talk all day and night , go out with anyone i want its just great! :)

Well like what Jojo said in her song DISASTER

"So disaster strikes but I'm alright cause my love is on its way"

Letting go wouldn't make you a weaker person , it will only make you see things clearly , face reality , and it will only make you grow stronger

Like what they all say
"What don't kills you will only make you stronger"
i have gone through my painful moments , my darkest nightmares but after a heavy rain comes a beautiful rainbow ; if you think i would fall down and die , you are wrong , i have just awaken and rise, i will be the brightest shooting star in the sky .

What has happened is already gone and done with , everything in the past will be kept as a memory in my heart , but what i am awaiting now is the future ahead of me :)

If you are still sulking in your own misery because the person you love left you for something else like freedom or anything then i feel sad for you =)
you only get to live once, think again how much time is left for you to waste on one person so just pick up your mess and move on ... They will never turn back and look at you kill your hope and put a smile on your face;The world won't stop spinning for you to fix things up it will only make you realize that you have been wasting too much time finding a needle in a haystack

my troubles flew away like helium balloons if i can so can you :)

Dedication to the people out there =)

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