Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Chapter Of Life -officially 18 years old

Chubby Bunny

2011 has been a great year no doubts , i have my sweetest moments in life , i was naive enough to think that i would marry someone that i am with at that age! I was silly to let small things get between me and my friends!
but let me tell you something , after i learn how to let go , i feel happier , i feel that i am unstoppable like SUPERMAN!!! WOohooo!
i enjoy spending all of my time with my friends and family its just funny and awesome!
well i love the past but what is done will be burried forever! so yeah in comes the year of the DRAGON ;) *Fierce entrance*
may the year of 2012 bring us good health , good luck , joy , laughter , more good memories , more friends , more parties , live life to the fullest , good wealth! and obviously good start for college life baby!
Its the first year i celebrated new year eve outside at a restaurant with my friends
<3 Caffeiness is the place we partied last night!

don't care about tomorrow because no one can predict what is going to happen , so you just gotta live it to the fullest and cherish what u have today

me and Tiger ;)

muaaaa ;)

my crazy friends!

the girls ;)

my lovely brother , no matter how fucked up i am , how much i screw up , how much my attitude get into his nerves , he will always accept me for who i am.

Welcome into the big family Kevin Chee =)

Clarence Chang =)

Don't let a girl fall for you if you are not willing to catch her... no matter wide you open your arms , if you do not have the intention of catching her , she would still fall flat on the ground.
Think first before you love , think again before you show affection... because every move you make no matter right or wrong , can lead people to a wrong direction.If you think that ignorant is the only way out i bet you have a lot of regrets in life. Ignorant is the lamest excuse to quitting and it is equivilant to blind folding yourself in life.

Learn to flip open every single card before you make a choice...
Learn how to take control of your own emotion
Learn how to tolerate
Learn how to love without doubts
Learn how to fall before you fly...
Learn how to mend your broken wings
Learn how to stand alone when everyone is not there for you
Learn how to be independant
Learn how to be confident in every word or action you say or do
Learn how to be a better and happier person

Dear 2012 ,
i hope that even if i fall flat on the ground , you would pick me up and tell me its alright . I also hope to always have someone by my side to talk to me , cheer me up , be retarded with me , accept me for who i am , to love and forgive my past and mistakes , to help me in my studies and i also hope that this year i am mature enough to think for myself and get that scholarship i need to further my studies.I am finally 18 this year , i can't say that i am old enough to do anything , i also can't assume that i'm too childish to try anything but i just hope that this year , everything i do will leave no regrets . I don't want to carry the world on my shoulders anymore , from this year onwards , i just want to let go of my burdens and just learn how to fly with love , joy and happiness.



  1. HAha, Lets have fun in college life!

  2. <3 ur blog very much.even i myself also dn knw since when i started visiting to ur blog once u posted smtg new.
    let 2012 be a fruitful year^^
    God bless~with love ;)