Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Second Week Of College

College is awesome no doubts about it! Its relaxing , everyone is chilling its really like the college/school life you see in Movies or Gossip Girl Drama etc etc! There are lockers in college , when you walk down the hall way you see people sitting around in those round tables near the hallway , then there are these water dispenser , junk food dispenser even maggie mee cup dispenser! The library is so comfortable the chairs , the design it really makes you feel as if you are in USA's Ivy league schools!
Every you go its never hot or warm in the campus except for the toilet well , they don't put air conditioner in the toilet so obviously its the only warm place you can find!
Moreover , you do not have to ever walk stairs! because we have escalators in the college campus , there is even a ECA section where there are pool table , table tennis area , a longue for people to sit and chill! Beisdes that , they have a lot of quiet zone study room where it sorta look like glass cubes!
You can walk down the hall way and smile at anyone and they will smile back at you! its so fun you get to chill and really hang out , meet NEW PEOPLE! from DIFFERENT SChool , different countries! Its really great! and they have a wide range of Extra curricular activities! You get your own tag its like a pass to enter the school and stuff like that! In the Labs you dont have to share equipments with your friends and stuff because you get your own lab area and your own set of equipments so its really awesome cause you never have to share your experiment results or like wait for your turn to carry out the experiment.
I bet you are all starting to wonder which college am i in rite?!!! Taylor's College Sri Hartamas :) well i bet there are a lot of bad press saying that you know the fees is really expensive , the teachers are not very experience or the teacher are always MIA!
well i'm here to clear things up for you and clear the fog that is blurring your eyes.
Yes the fees is really expensive compared to other colleges because it has the kinda quality!
The teachers here are really friendly and experience , they are really good at what they are doing :) their communications skills are 120% and you have the freedom to talk or point out what you think its wrong or right. In taylor's there are only maximum 25 people in a class room so you get really cozy with them and you don't have an excuse to be a coward and keep quiet if you don't know something .
Teachers here even give one-on-one time with those who request extra tutoring , They are willing to explain the same thing to you for a thousand times!
Well i bet you will be wondering how i know that rite?! I've just been in college for like 1 weeks and 2 days and i've asked the teachers a lot of questions . I even asked the Economic's teacher this particular question for like 3 times and she had to explain it to the whole class for 3 times but she didn't scold me! Well if i were to ask my secondary school teacher for 3 times i think i would be standing outside of the class by now XD or i'll probably get black listed by my teacher! but well the LECTURERs here are more than willing to teach and explain they will be mad if we just kept quiet and not tell them what we don't understand.

I love My COLLEGE!!! Woohoooo
catch up with me as i will start posting about a real life story of a father and a daughter :)

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