Monday, January 23, 2012

Who do you think you are

wassup bro! Don't like that la MAcaaaaa!!!!! i didn't mean to win all your money in a game of black jack lar!!! Broo RM1 only marrr ahahah XD

Hey :) its me again! Happy chinese new year!
this year was the best chinese new year ever cause my every year resolution finally came true! I've always wanted to have a real family reuion and this year , thank you lord :) thank you for giving me a chance to have a real reunion not even one person is lack in this reunion and i love it..
it was a touching scene to see how a father and his son reunite again after so long being away and so caught up with life.
This year everyone's faces are happier i saw extra smiles and tears inside peoples' eyes...
No matter what mistakes you did , the only one that will stand by your side and be with you are always your family...

21 Jan 12, 02:52 AM
forget it: type like you is ubiquitous in this day and age. sad case.
21 Jan 12, 02:46 AM
forget it: between drunk and easy and stupid. just that. period. opps. except you miraculously grow some brain and realise your type is a no go ****. lthxbyai
21 Jan 12, 02:44 AM
forget it: judging from everything that you are, forget it, you, like many unfortunate ones in the world, will never yes never understand or even get close to the real meaning of a relationship and border
21 Jan 12, 02:39 AM
i will retain anonymity: god pls, dont be stupid you lil girl. and, you've truly seen nothing yet so dont use the word love coz people your age might have experienced it, but not you. dont shame the word. wake up
21 Jan 12, 02:38 AM
i will retain anonymity: please dont make anything out of what happened to you. hope no intimacy was involved and never wiill till real marriage, after it not before. you're a pretty girl. dont be an idiot pls.
21 Jan 12, 02:22 AM
fact: disappointedly, lack of discipline!
21 Jan 12, 02:21 AM
fact: two weeks? come on. simply means you were never serious and are too open minded of a person. not an ideal person to be with by any standards. no wish for rudeness but wake up.
Whatever lar :D u can talk all you want be my guest ;) IDGAF! unfortunate guy/girl that wants attention from a blog that is not even famous D: OMG~!
hahahaha :D Come on lar i can't blame you for being so shallow cause you obviously don't know the whole story and you don't know me :) i don't blame you lar dude who wrote this *NOT SO MEAN* comments XP "sense my sarcasm". I suggest that you should think both ways and both sides when you try to comment and say something , my point of view is 360 degrees different than u!Its my blog! i don't have to keep my thoughts to myself cause i can write and do whatever i want :) U on the other hand should should keep your thoughts to yourself. If you think that i have never loved before then so be it lar :) i know what i'm doing , where i'm going from here. Your opinion is neither require nor desired.FYI all these blog posts its just part of the story i don't write the full stories so yeah! Say all you want , be my guest :D
images from google!! :)

Woopsieeee ;D

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