Sunday, January 29, 2012

Spark In Your Eyes , Fire in your soul

Remember how you felt when you are 6 years old ?
That spark in your eyes and that certain feeling of excitment to see Tomorrow??
Its that feeling you have when you wake up in the morning with that smile on your face and go like "OH YEAH! ITS A BRAND NEW DAY WOOHOOO , I WONDER WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO TODAY!"
Especially during Festivals like Chinese New Year or celebrations like Children's Day , you feel so energetic and you will get up 5am in the morning and can't wait to get on the road! When we are young , CNY seems to be this fun celebration you know! Like running around with your cousins , playing hide and seek , drink coke and burp loudly *Have burping competitions* , excitement to open up all your angpau packet , excited to see what food is prepared on the dining table and excited to listen to all these loud chinese new year songs .
As a year go by and another year pass , that spark of fire seems to slowly fade away like melted chocolate under the rain , slowly being diluted and slowly disappear leaving no trace behind. When you grow older , maybe when you are 14 years old , Chinese New Year seems to be boring , you can't even wake up that early anymore , when your cousins come to your house or when you go to your cousins house , you probably end up watching TV and not talking that much. You start to not enjoy chinese new year songs cause its so annoying . You don't play hide and seek anymore its just getting more and more boring. The excitment to see Tomorrow just slowly dies off.

Maybe because when we grow older , we tend to see more truth behind the lies that we never notice when we are younger. We tend to have more choices when we grow older , more decisions to be made , more reality check , more cruel facts , more mistakes made that made us guilty and a clearer look on what is happening in this society and people around us.
Things changes from time to time , even we change from time to time without noticing . Time made us all grow up even if we refuse to grow up , refuse to take notice or understand what is going on in our lives , eventually we will have to get out of our egg shells and see the world.
Well Magics always happen in fairy tales , even in real life they do . In life you will always meet that feel people that will make you feel motivated and make you feel that tomorrow will be a better day , and they can always make you feel that living in this world is really worth it because you got a goal to follow and a dream to be completed.
Tomorrow will only be full of hope if today someone gave you something to believe in :)

"One bad thing about human is that we can never predict what is going to happen tomorrow , but god is fair and He gave us a choice to live today full of laughter and joy so that no regrets will be made"-Quotes by Crystalbebe

Song dedicated to everyone who is currently reading this post :)

-signing out-
Brand New Day ♥


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