Sunday, February 26, 2012

Silly Dilly Lily

When reading this post , please use some imagination and picture yourself in it :)

As you sit down by the window , have you ever drift away in thin air? Drift away back when you are really young and back when you had your first boyfriend.
Love when you are young is pure true and innocent love , no demands , no expectations and no worries . Remember how shy you were when a boy first held your hands and you stared down at the floor and start blushing like you applied too much blusher on your face. Back then , holding hands is consider a really big deal , holding hands means a lot but as you grow older and as you step into a different stage in life , love become less innocent , love becomes more demanding , more expectations from the person you love , more responsibilities , more anger , more worries about the future its just different.
Love when you are young and when you are older , its different and has its own pros and cons.

Pros about love when you are young is that love really means pure love , no intention of cheating and love when you are young is more honest because when you are young you tend to be more straight forward . Eg: If i like you , i'll tell you but if i don't , i'll tell you too. Even if you are going to hate me i'll still tell you because we are still young , its not like we are not going to meet other people anyways.

Cons about love when you are young is that , you are too young , its hard to make it last til the end cause you tend to meet a lot of different people along the way and you might find that the interest and attraction between you and him/her just slowly fades away.

Love when you are young is called puppy love , its called pure emotions . Like it take it , don't like it leave it. Its fast and quick unless you've set your mind and decided that he/she will be THE ONE! then that's a different story :)

Love when you get older it gets less innocent , responsibilities take in account , you have to think about the future is he/she the suitable one , is he/she capable to cope up with the life you are living , can he/she be honest and loyal to you. Things just get more complicated when you get older . When you are young , love is like a game , but when you get older , love is not a game anymore , you have to think about so many things is he/she the one that i really love , is he/she the one that can make me happy , is he/she the one that i feel comfortable being with. Time is never prepared to be your friend and wait for you everyday. When you start to age , time just runs faster and you just have to notice that you can't always be taking and leaving love is not a bus stop anymore. Love when you get older tends to get more serious and realistic and not your ordinary fairy tale story.

When you get older being able to show your love to someone by actions, being comfortable with someone ,being able to communicate with that person,being happy everyday when he/she is around, being able to laugh at stupid lame jokes for hours , being able to remove your everyday life mask on your face and be yourself is really all that matters .

Always remember if you love someone don't just say it because its useless , actions speak louder than words. Show them your appreciation even though its just a small action it really means a lot.
Because if you don't , at the end of the day , you will just regret all the chances you missed out and blame it on the TIMING.

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