Sunday, March 4, 2012

What ifs : Possibilities

" Don't know what tomorrow brings but i'm still hoping that you are the one for me , what if i have you and you have me...." -Jason Derulo- What if

You know there are so many what ifs in this world, so many possibilities and so many steps to take in order to choose the correct path. So many doubts and consequences in life. Aren't you tired? Well i am.
Eg: when you want to buy a bag online , you will have to consider "WHAT IF THE BAG IS NOT AS GOOD AS IT LOOK LIKE??" but after awhile it just kills your desire and you go like "PFFTTTT forget about it...better don't lar even though i like it but yeah...:/ "
Human always have doubts , maybe too much doubts thats why we are often not determined enough to make a decision. Some times in some worst case senario , we'd probably ask someone else to make the decision for us because we are so sick and tired of having so many things to consider. It's just so nerve wrecking !

We are human , we have feelings , we tend to fall in love with this one person but yet there will always be this stage called the mysterious " I DON'T KNOW IF SHE/HE FEELS THE SAME WAY AS I DO " . So we secretly admire them and when people ask "hey why don't you just tell them how you really feel inside?" you will have doubts , fear and anxiety! You'd probably tell that person "ARE YOU CRAZY! WHAT IF HE/SHE DON'T LIKE ME THEN WOULDN'T I LOOK STUPID N SHIT?!" or you might also say "DON'T WANT LAR...LATER HE/SHE DON'T FEEL THE SAME WAY AS I DO THEN THEY AVOID ME "
So because of all these doubts and fear , at the end you choose to keep it all to yourself , sometimes because of our doubts , we missed out on all the chances to be with that person and make that person smile.

At the end of the day , we will probably regret... Even if that relationship was not meant to be and it got screwed up big time at the end , still you would regret on one thing.
"you will regret on the chances you lose , not the chances you take"
even if it turns out all ugly and fucked up , but you can tell yourself "Hey at least we had was what I desired and crave for once upon a time."

Remember those days when you were a kid? you didn't even have to think about whats going to happen tomorrow or next? you just do what you feel is right , and follow your heart? even if it makes you look stupid but at the end of the day it was a good lesson learnt .

Love is a funny little thing :)
You can meet someone 2 years ago at a party and not trust that they like you ,
after 2 years you meet them again at the same party ,
you find out that he/she never really changed and you have a lot in common just that back then you didn't take the initiative to look in it ,
but now you feel that funny little feelings bubbling inside your heart .
you may have doubts like is he/she worth my time ,
is he/she worth me falling in love again

what if i get hurt again ,
what if he/she is the same like the one that broke my heart ?
What if he/she doesn't like me for who i am
what if he/she is just like the rest of them , taking advantage of my willingness to love them head over heels.
So many what ifs so many possibilities. i bet you've learnt this in maths ! Possibilities that anything can happen is probably 10000000000000000000000000000 until it can wrap the world with words for a few rounds!
You only have one life , how long it is no one knows. If you love someone then just give it a go , tell them how you really feel inside. Because you will never know whats going to happen in the end if you never took a step out of your fear circle .

he is worth my time , love and affort because he used his actions to prove that he is capable of keeping his promises. Don't know whats going to happen in the future , but all i know is for now i just hope that moment last forever :)
Happiness , Laughter , Joy , Fearless , Care and Love

Others can talk crap about me, but this is my life , i choose this path myself I'll bare all the consequences because i love him.
I can always talk to him about anything he is like a best friend and lover to me,
laugh about nothing ,
sing songs in the car even though my voice is horrible ,
take a long walk on the beach and sit down watching the sun set ,
watch movies on the couch ,
you remember all the little things that meant a lot to me.
you always crack lame and cold jokes in the car even if its not funny you just make me laugh for no reason :)

Signing out

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