Wednesday, March 7, 2012


No matter how boy-ish you are , how much you hate going shopping or how much you dislike applying make up , one thing you can never run away from is the satisfaction of getting your nails done by someone else.
It's like a every female favourite thing :)
being able to sit down in a nice seat , being pampered like a queen! having someone to massage your hands and feet for you , clean your nails and apply that gorgeous nail varnish on your finger nails it's just heavenly!
The music around you playing in a soft and swift pace it's just the best thing to do when you are stressed out! go to any nail boutique to get your nails done! it just makes you feel happy after that! Satisfaction level 100% , mood immediately rises up to 101% :)
But one BIG problem about getting a manicure is that its super expensive! especially the ones with the diamonds , blings , 3D or extensions! D:
But fear not!!!! nail polishes can be bought at any Watson shop or cosmetic shops :) so its super convenient!
Well , some nail polishes are not very good so you often don't get the results you expected :/ The best will probably be O.P.I since at any nail boutique you will see them use it ! and it's consider the most expensive brand! The other time i went to a cosmetic shop to check on O.P.I's BURLESQUE collection it cost around RM55 for one bottle of nail varnish! Its so so so expensive D: for teenagers without income like me well i can't afford to buy one!
HOWEVER , have you heard about CHINA GLAZE??!!!
It's like the NEW TALK OF THE TOWN! it gives the same effect as O.P.I but it is not as pricey as O.P.I!
It's coming out in the markets soon :)

Tell your friends about it by sharing their FACEBOOK LINK! For any new Updates about CHINA GLAZE coming to TOWN!

I bet recently you guys have heard about "THE HUNGER GAMES" all over Twitter , Facebook and everywhere!!!! people are all talking about it non stop! its going CRAZY!!!!!!
The great news is that the actresses in The Hunger Games actually use CHINA GLAZE's nail polishes! and It's Drop dead GORGEOUS !
LOOK!!!here are some pictures!

don't forget to catch the movie THE HUNGER GAMES and of course get the newest look for your finger nails!!! :)

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