Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Failures in life

Every 60 seconds you spend being sad over something / someone is a minute of happiness you can never buy back.

Hey guys sorry for not updating my blog for awhile because i was really busy with some school event .

It was the first time I've ever organized an event.It's called Cirque du Soleil. Well within two weeks our team manage to get sponsors , put up some great set ups for the venue , sold about 140 tickets but everything went smooth until the event day itself. It was raining , the itinerary was screwed up as hell , all the people started leaving half way throughout the event , the crowd was dead , some of the performances are bad , some last minute error with the popcorn machine , our game booths were scrapped , our best dress award procedures were not written down clearly and we had problems with the managements.

It was at that point i realize that , everything that we've dreamt of and picture didn't came true. Nothing went well , everything went wrong. We didn't have enough people looking at the event on that day , we only had 7 people organizing the entire event and 6 of us had performances. We couldn't be on the floor looking over the event. People were laughing and saying "what a bad event and such a waste of time"

At that point of my life , i felt disappointed , i felt like i've led everyone down the drain , i've jumped off the edge of a cliff myself , led the entire club down a ditch , literary take my teacher's reputation and just flung it out the window . The worst thing is that , before all of this happen , i actually promised everyone that this is going to be the best event and stuff to pursue people to buy the tickets and they really had faith in us . Do you know how hard i try to even forget about this event.

I've been running away from all of these problems , running away from the mistakes that i've made , runnin away from all the blame , and i really felt like i'm such an embarrassament , i should just disappear from this College. It was a point in life where i sworn i will never ever do an event again , i couldn't accept failure it wasn't in my book. F.A.I.L.U.R.E is never something that i could take easily. I always think that I will never fail but i was wrong.


" you will always picture something to be really perfect but the truth is reality is not like that "

Every time when my mom or anyone ask me about the event , i would just yell and say "CAN U NOT TALK ABOUT IT" IT ALREADY OVER CAN YOU PLEASE STOP FUCKING ASKING ME! its already depressing enough that nothing turned out right , i've been scolded by everyone for gods sake give me a break!

It was hard for me to accept but i think i didn't realize that it was even harder for people around me because i would never smile or talk about it. When people are trying to help me out and try to explain to me that failures are essential in life for you to learn and grow i would definetly COCKBLOCK them. I just burst into tears i really hope that i had a remote control in life so i can rewind it back and just click "select all" and "DELETE" but the truth is , you can never forget or try to erase what you do in life. It's just part of learning and growing .

Always remember

#1 you are not superman , you cannot take the world on your shoulders alone.

#2 even if being strong is not an option anymore , at least talk to someone about it

#3 don't keep everything to yourself cause it will do you no good

#4 when someone is trying to advise you don't cockblock them cause sometimes what they say might be true but because of your fucking ego you just took it forgranted.

#5 never ever lose faith in doing anything after you failure

#6 always plan ahead with your team not just 2 weeks before the event as it will never turn out right.

Look at the bright side , at least after thinking through everything i can finally not stare at the floor when i'm walking in college. I can finally look up and tell everyone "Hey Even Thomas Edison failed 2000 times trying to invent a light bulb and only at his 2001 attempt it manage to invent a light bulb! I've only failed once! I still have 2000 times to learn , grow , develop and succeed "


"Success never comes easy , face it , you know you failed more than ones before you manage to spread your wings and fly. "

Signing out
Status :Happy :)

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