Saturday, August 11, 2012

Fantastic Food , Great Service

Food is an essential item in our life , its like a type of enjoyment in life , a type of happiness that comes easily and it is also a type of satisfaction you get from tasting the best flavors the chef can put on the table. What makes food so great is not just the flavors on the plate but also the service they provide , a sense of feeling at home , friendly faces and interesting conversations that is what makes a restaurant on top of the rest .
Straight to the point! I bet everyone of you have tried Italian food before whether if its a fusion Italian food , modern Italian food , or Traditional Italian Food , nothing beats HOMEMADE ITALIAN FOOD BY THE ITALIANS themselves! Osteria Real Blue Restaurant at SOLARIS DUTAMAS
Osteria in Italian means a small and cheap cafe . To be honest i've never tried homemade Italian food , the only "ITALIAN FOOD" which is not so "ITALIAN" is probably Pasta at Delicious or Pizza Hut or by my mom!
For Starters we ordered # Caprese Di Bufala Tomato, Bufala Mozzarella, Oregano, Olive Oil PS: The Mozzarella cheese is very fresh and surprisingly not very tarty and salty :)
__________ TIPS: How to check if your Mozzarella Cheese is fresh or not , use your fork or anything (JUST NOT YOUR FINGERS) gently put pressure on the flat surface of the cheese. If you see milk coming out from the cheese , you know that the Chef ain't lying about the cheese being FRESH :) __________ For First Dishes we ordered # Gnocchi Al Formaggio, Pancetta e Noci Gnocchi with Cheese, Bacon ham and Nuts
# Ravioli Di Ricotta e Spinaci Fresh Ravioli Filled with Ricotta Cheese and Spinach in Basil, Butter and Parmesan
PS: The first thing about pastas in Malaysia is that not many are handmade , most of them are prepacked and sent over from overseas or manufactured locally. To find a chef that is willing to take out his rolling pin and start rolling pasta dough out repeatedly , slowly flattening it and cutting it into small pieces (which would take a VERY VERY LONG TIME!) its almost near to IMPOSSIBLE! But you'd be very surprise how much passion this Chef has for his food! Both the Gnocchi and Ravioli are homemade by the chef himself! My favourite is probably the Ravioli! Ravioli looks like dumplings , they come in different shapes and sizes (BUT IT AIN'T DUMPLING! BECAUSE THERE IS NO MEAT IN IT). The texture of the Ravioli is fantastic , its so chewy , milky and soft the flavors explode in your mouth it makes you feel at home . _____________ For the Main Dish we ordered # Filetto Alla Tartara Special Raw and Minced Fillet or Beef Mixed with some(Mustard , egg yolk , pepper and some other stuff i can't remember!) The Green Salad looks pretty normal right? But they added Truffle Oil and some truffles inside to enhance the taste of the salad making it taste like roasted bacon and it is just fantastic! The best salad other than the Mozzarella salad that I had :)
-OK i bet when you see this , the first thing you will say is EWWWW YUCKS?! What RAW MEAT??? I'm not a CAVE MAN!!! I Eat Cooked Food and you will probably question whether or not after eating it you will get Hand Food Mouth Disease or some horrible Illnesses! Well I've tasted it , Tried it and i can tell you that it is not what you imagine it to be , its very tasty , flavorful and the texture is amazing. There are no signs of Blood coming out from the meat , no bad smell , and NO IT DOESN'T TASTE LIKE RAW CHICKEN MEAT! The texture is like tuna spread , its very creamy and you can eat it in many different ways for example spreading it on toasted garlic bread , putting some marmalade on it , it is just phenomena! Quote " HOW WOULD YOU KNOW SOMETHING IS NOT NICE IF YOU NEVER EVER TRIED IT BEFORE?" -BRYAN HOMI MEHTA- TIPS: To enjoy red meat more e.g: Beef serve it with a glass of Red Wine However for White meat e.g. Fish serve it with White wine . ___________
For Desert # Crêpes peach and chocolate
Well here is the thing , it just so happens that yesterday that is 10th of August when we went to the restaurant there weren't any crepes but then thanks to the lady boss , she went into the kitchen just to make both of us crepes :) she is such a nice lady! and her crepes was so yummy! i can have more of it! the peach is sweet and sour while the crepe is soft and fluffy . What a simple pleasure!
In Terms of Service i would rate 10/10 In Terms of Food i would rate 9/10 In Terms of Portion i would rate 7/10 In Terms of Satisfaction 10/10 (I'm certainly a very happy consumer!) In Terms of Price i would suggest #( you bring extra money as you have to pay for QUALITY food ) I assure you that you will never regret going to this restaurant it's just amazing and delicious!
thanks to Mr Bryan Homi Mehta for bring me to such a beautiful restaurant for dinner! BEST ITALIAN FOOD EVER!!!!
Please Visit their WEBSITE for more details! :
Signing OUT -Crystalbebe- Next post will be about something OUT OF THE ORDINARY! STAY TUNED!

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