Sunday, December 30, 2012

Education System and Life (It relates!)

The Education System! Such a great masterpiece created by bright minds to filter all the smart seeds and the rest will stay that way unaccepted and unwanted. I mean its never wrong for Unis , Govts and employers to want smart people (Judge mainly on their results and their progress in classes , lectures and ya-dah ya-dah) pshhht!!! Even if I were to find workers I'd prefer smart people . Its really not wrong , what's wrong is the concept in everyone's mind ... that results and grades come first no matter what and the rest just stay as a side dish .
I'm talking in a student point of view , i get how it feels like being not so smart compared to all of your friends .It's difficult , your friend tries 10 times and they succeed in understanding but when you try 10 times , you still end up looking out the window asking God WHO.THE.HELL created this alien language or sign! You ask for your lecturers help they seem to have a gazillion things in mind and could hardly make time for you , you choose not to disturb your friends because you know everyone is busy with their own work , you can't ask your parents because they've obviously forgot what they've learned in college like 20-30years ago and the last resolution is to study the text book which you always end up dozing off after the first few pages .
"Some people are just not meant for that Full On Studying (Just reading books and doing homework kinda thing ya-know?) some people are just more on the study + Fun kind of plan !(more holistic education system and out-spoken) " *Unfortunately in Malaysia we don't practice that kind of education system no matter how much the MOE try to fit in co-curricular activities in it , the mindset is just there . It's always results before co-curricular activities and stuff u get it? when we grow older , we tend to have problems speaking out , making decisions (because we didn't have to make decisions when we are younger in high school) and we just become dull ! * it makes all of us feel like this:
Its just difficult no matter how much u turn the Rubik Cube you just can't seem to find see light through it.
Imagine if one day , all the teachers and lecturers suddenly become enthusiastic in their job , imagine if one day assignments and fun activities are part of determining your grades, this not just prepares people for the uni life ahead , it also helps build better creativity and imaginations! its like
After all , at the end of the day , results and grades does not determine who you will be in the future , in the working society ! Just because you passed College with flying colors , just because you graduated from Some first class university doesn't mean you'll be successful , doesn't mean you can think out of the box and go with your own rules , doesn't make you a better person to build a better society ; While being a college drop out , a uni drop out , 3rd class degree graduate from law school , BBB for your A-lvls doesn't mean you will never be successful , doesn't make you a failure in life! most successful people don't have great results when they're in high school , college and university ! Experience is what makes a person wiser and closer to success.
At times when i really thought i could make it high up , i fall on my knees , people always tell me if you don't have the qualification why aim so high up?? Interest and dreams won't exactly give you a promising future . I push away all of those criticism , i stand on my feet and tell myself , i can only live once and if i keep doubting myself and allowing others to push me down , I'm no more than a sad puppet ! I'm gonna live my life for myself and do what i want even if it means failing I'll keep trying .
PS: the truth is , there is no truth because behind every single truth there is a lie.
Signing out Crystalbebe XOXO
#2013 i hope that i can get what i want , stop feeling insecure , stop doubting myself , always appreciate the people around me and love them like it's the last day of my life <3<3
(Pictures are not mine! i took all of it from tumblr and google, this is just pictures that relate to what i'm saying ! thank you :))

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