Friday, February 22, 2013

Nuffnang is turning 6 !

Well as you all know , Nuffnang is turning 6 soon!Hurrays!

Ever since Nuffnang was established , blogging was no longer a boring and blend , blogs that used to be filled with things that happen in our daily life becomes story about events , new products , parties , concerts and loads of other surprises!

Long story short ! I really want the tickets to attend Nuffnang's 6th birthday bash at Lust , KL.

Everyone has an artist that they secretely admire , songs that keeps playing in their mind and can never seem to stop or end even when we're sleeping .

Mine is *Drum Rolls* TAYLOR SWIFT :RED ALBUM!       

we all remember this .....

and this...

Eventhough she had a lot of make ups and break ups no doubts her songs from her latest album still topped the charts of my heart!

The reason why i absolutely love her RED album is because her songs relate to what happen in every teenagers life (Excluded those who never felt love before) , she kept it real even if she had a lot of ex-boyfriends in the past , she has the balls to blurt it all out !even though she is a big joke now when it comes to love , her song never fails to touch those who are heartbroken , going through a tough time with their lover or thinking about a split or not.
It is meaningful in a love point of view also I'm always impressed by her ability to connect with the listeners ears and soul, she always seem to be able to touch my heart .

Here's my Playlist ! Hope Nuffnang will like the playlist I've prepared :)

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Signing out !

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