Thursday, March 14, 2013

Youth Credit Card Design Contest -Nuffnang-

"Let's make this fleeting moment last forever , I'm gonna keep it frozen here forever , there is no regretting anymore"
This verse from the song ALIVE by KREWELLA

It partially inspired me to create this credit card design with the name "INFINITY" .

INFINITY ; Infinite dreams , infinite hopes , infinite smiles , infinite memories , infinite friendship , infinite charm , infinite kind-ness , infinite joy , infinite love , infinite happiness , infinite wants , infinite passion , infinite commitment ; when we are young everything has no limit , there is never a restriction or limit to what we are capable of doing . To me , that's the beauty of life being young and wild and free! Experiencing , making memories every step you take , making dreams come true , being inspired or inspiring someone else and so on .

I choose to use all these simple and nice pictures and join it all up because i feel that it reflects a person's life . Every step we take in our life , we create memories whether it is good or bad our mind captures them and stores them up . Thus , every time when we think about something that happened in the past all these beautiful images of our past will automatically join together and once again make us feel like we are living the moment again .

This is like a person's thoughts and memories but in a compact size :)

" The only person you are destined to become is the person you choose to be "- Ralph Waldo Emerson-

"Live your life full gas no regrets" -Crystal Wong Jing Ee-

Signing out
-Crystalbebe- xoxo

i would love to thank my friend Erika Loh for helping me out for this contest ! <3 br="" erika="" loads="" love="" you="">

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