Friday, May 3, 2013

Top 3 Gifts for someone special

Hey it's been a long time since I've last updated my blog . So sorry to all my lovely readers :)

Remember the last time you had trouble figuring out what to get for your special someone? Well no worries I'm gonna bring you all the latest updates about it !

When it comes to gifts , if it's for your girl friend or wife the first present that comes in mind is FLOWERS!
#1 Secret Garden -Little Flowers
 -What so magical about this flower that makes it better than big bouquets of flowers?
   These little flowers can last up to 10 years and it comes in a glass container! When its humid , the flowers will close their petals but if its very dry , the flowers will bloom . Most of all you can even choose the color of the little flowers according to your zodiac sign! Whats better than having your lucky color close at sight and heart :)

 #2. Things that can be used to beautify yourself!

Cosmetics - Check out Sephora they have almost every cosmetic brand in KL :) But if you don't mind , I'd like to also introduce some cosmetics that I personally find very useful and it would be very nice as a gift !
* -Urban Decay Naked Palette (every girl needs a nude eye shadow palette for their daily use and any other occasion!)
*-Benefits (blusher) I personally recommend their Bronzer and Luminizer ! It's really good :)

* Majolica Majorca (Eye Shadow the Jeweling Eyes )This is a simpler nude palette but it's as good! Totally worth the money you pay :)

* Kiss Me (Eye Liner) - It has a very fine tip so its easy to tight line your eyes and it's very smooth :) It will not clot up or dry up easily ! It has a very long life span too !

*Revlon (Just Bitten Lip Stain ) It comes in a wide range of colors and the color really stays on for about 3-4 hours before you need to reapply and the best thing is the color POPS!

NAILS - No matter how much you hate putting on make up , i think there is one thing every girl enjoys a good quality nail polish !
* I recommend China Glaze because they have a variety of nail polishes , sometimes they even comes in a collection so its very suitable as a gift. China Glaze is also very easy to apply on and the color really shows.
You can get them at KLCC Isetan , One Utama and so on :)

#3 Bracelet , Charms , Pendants (Thomas Sabo , Diva , Pandora and so on)

      What's better than a token of appreciation that can be carried around and be held close at heart?!
      It doesn't have to be the most expensive diamonds from De Beers , it's just a matter of your effort         and how much meaning that bracelet , pendant or accessories carry . 

These pictures are not mine i took it from google :)

Thank you very much!
Stay tune for the next post! hope you found it helpful even though i thought it was a bit of a fail it ended up being more on cosmetics but anyways hope you enjoyed it!
-Signing out-
- Crystalbebe- Xoxo

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