Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Big Race

Can't believe that in a few hours time , all the fellow Malaysians eligible to vote in our 13th general election will be deciding who they want as a leader of the country .
The campaigns for this year's election has been crazy and extreme , people putting up flags in every corner of the street , on trees , on the lamp posts , on bamboos sticks , below sign boards , on their cars and on themselves! The only thing they've left out is making a shirt out of the flag for your pet ! After all ANIMALS HAVE PROBLEMS too ;) 

There's this one phrase that has become popular recently 五月五换政府!it means 5th of May , we will change our government . Well after all this a democratic country , we are all given the freedom if speech , we are all given a choice to choose and to fight for what belong to ours . 

In my opinion , I've been living in this country for only 18years I can't say much , but so far I've been happy and blessed that different races can live together like brothers and sisters , there's peace and harmony and because of that , I'm satisfied . However , a change is good , no matter how the voting will turn out tomorrow there will definitely be a change . It will be a turning point for all of us , it will be a leap and we will be a step closer to a happier and being a more outspoken citizen . People have kept silence for too long and today is the day they let their heart speak for themselves.

To the new or old prime minister or to whom that will win this election , good luck , god bless you because your every single move will be magnified and inspected carefully by the people! We don't want a corrupted nation , we want equality ,we want what belongs to ours , we want what's best for us. Tough job it is to be a PM I salute you for being able to pull it through and I salute those who are campaigning to become the next PM! Being a PM is like being a movie star with paparazzi following you , they can choose to talk bad or suck up to you . Every thing you do or say will be recorded for the whole wide world to judge. I just hope that there will not be any fights and everyone can still sit together and talk like friends . Kita semua anak Malaysia , no matter who wins , please bare in mind you will have to change and change your whole skin because  WE WANT IT.

These are my thoughts hopefully I'm not pleaded guilty for voicing out , I'm exercising my rights ;) since I can't vote I shall exercise it here! Muahahahahhaa

-signing out-
-Crystalbebe-Xoxo :)


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