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Penang (Part 1) 18/6/2013 mini getaway!

Before the getaway to Penang , I thought Penang would be a boring , small and rural area but I was terribly wrong! Despite all the bad things that have been happening in Penang example the Second Penang bridge collapsed , the bad storm and also the telecommunication tower that toppled down and killed 2 person in the worst way possible , We still drove all the way to Penang and spent 3 days 2 night there :)

Well 18th June 2013 was a sunny day and this my dear readers is the famous Penang Bridge ! Just for your information , this is the first penang bridge not the second however the second is located parallel with this bridge but much further and it's separated by a big big big big big big big  BIIIIGGGGGG Sea :3 i got really excited when i saw the big sea with tiny little boats on it !*instantly felt like a big giant*

Then we head down to our Hotel located (362, Chulia Street, Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia 10200) it's called YENG KENG HOTEL! In case you haven't heard about it , it's a very nice and warm boutique hotel :) the staffs are really helpful and friendly , the room is really clean and comfortable ( I actually like their shampoo too it smells nice *giggles* ) , the whole concept of this Hotel actually gives you a feeling that you're living in an ancient Shang Hai Theme hotel :) ! Other than that their Cafe serve really good and simple breakfast and at night , they serve really nice Margarita at a really reasonable price :) ! I'd totally recommend people to drop by their bar at night for a glass of margarita :)

The Location of this hotel is really good too! you can walk to the Graffiti street , the Jetty area and all the nice food are nearby :) throughout this whole trip we walked a lot! 
Alright I'm done talking about this hotel I should show you some pictures of it!

A selfie of me at Yeng Keng Hotel's mini garden! I absolutely love how they plant loads of flowers and trees and put benches around for people to sit and relax!

Next Stop Joo Hooi Cafe! in case you don't know where it is , here's the address :)

Lebuh Keng Kwee (just off Penang Rd), Penang
475 Jalan Penang
Penang, Malaysia

It's only about 10 minutes walk from our hotel! so we walked there and on our way there , we found something interesting , something you never thought would still exist and something you will hardly see in Kuala Lumpur ! *Drum Rolls* it's this signboard they actually have drawings on it! amazing right nowadays people hardly use picture figurines like this , they usually use cute cartoons , hot models or just a signboard with no pictures on it !

 Here we are at Joo Hooi Cafe to try their famous Cendol , Asam Laksa and Char Kuey Tiao !
 NOM NOM NOM cendol! ok guys a quick reminder there's actually a few cendol shop outside the restaurant please buy from the cendol shop right next to the cafe its actually much nicer than the one across the road! (If  you still don't get it nevermind just buy from the Uncle that always has a line at his cendol shop!)
 Asam Laksa :) it's actually much nicer than the one in Gurney Drive although I'm not a big fan of Asam Laksa but this is quite good and its only about MYR4.00
 Char Kuey Tiao ! the prawns are really fresh and juicy! It's quite tasty compared to the one in Gurney Drive ( After visiting gurney drive I actually don't really like Gurney drive I don't like how there is 3-4 shops selling the same thing and this one shop that has 10 people lining up and just when you thought maybe this shop sells really good Char Kuey Tiao , NOOOOOO!!!!!! the Char Kuey Tiao turns out to be disappointing! )

another image of my asam laksa! 
PS:If you're gonna go food hunting don't take the short cut and try to go to gurney drive it ain't gonna work ! Ya have to find someone that knows which small cafe at which back alley is good! XD 

Next we went to the Graffiti street and just when i thought this would be in one specific location with all the paintings on the wall it turns out all the paintings are actually scattered around the whole place and you have to go search for every one of it :) It was a great exercise i would say walking round in circles to take pictures with all of the paintings!

 Mua standing outside a bicycle shop! This whole area is really artsy! Even a small door they have to put some paintings on it! this is the famous LAT Cartoon! Sunny day it is! even Lat needs a drink:)
 Look at the painting! can't believe they still use paintings like these as a decoration they even made a wooden bench for people to sit outside their shop how thoughtful of them :) ! BTW the painting says WELCOME BACK!
 these two paintings above are painted on the metal door of another bicycle shop! cute ain't it!
 You can actually rent bicycles for a day probably at a price of MYR 15-20 for the whole day so a lot of tourist actually rent them to cycle around the whole place .Unfortunately I am afraid to cycle and tend to fall down a lot when i cycle we did not rent one! they even have the tandem bicycle for two ! In case you don't know whats a Tandem bicycle its a Bicycle that's long and has 2 seats , 2 pedals and 2 handles :)

 An unfinished painting i suppose cause there's still pencil marks that hasn't been painted yet but it still looks very real and nice! what I enjoy most about this painting is the details and how they made it look as though its popping out of the canvas ! Look at them beautiful eyes!

look at this rocky horsy made out of bamboo! Super cute i don't think people make these in KL you rarely see people making this rocky horsy chair thing!
 i showed this picture to my mom and she got so excited ! she told me first they build a chair shape frame without the seats or cushions then they will cut strips of cloth and weave them together until it is wide and thick enough to be a cushion then they will attach it onto the frame of the chair :) Cool aye! (sorry the lighting is a bit bad !)
 This thing over here looks like a type writer right? But WRONG it's actually like a guitar! This old uncle on the newspaper article on the table yeah he owns this weird type-writer look-a-like guitar and he knows how to play it but too bad when i was there he didn't play it though so i can't tell you how it sounds like.
 oh look ! another poster ! Back in the days , advertisements of any kind of product are painted out immediately while someone sits there and pose then it will be printed out and published :) It's kind of like the Very Slow Version of the Camera :)

I don't know the name of this shop but they sell pretty cool stuff! they have small tin containers with Marilyn Monroe printed on it which makes it extra sexy since she was the sex symbol after all! everything in this shop is unique and nice :) it's next to the bicycle shop if you get to the bicycle shop you'll never miss this shop! :)

These can all be found on Armenian Street better known as Lebuh armenian !

Now for the Real Famous paintings that you have to search high and low for!

 this bicycle thing can be found on Lebuh Armenian (Armenian Street)
 oh look ! It's my boyfie all gangster on the bike ! Even the kid got a little scared :)

 me looking at that boy passionately *LOL* just kidding!
This motorcycle painting can be found on Lebuh Ah Quee :)

BTW i love how they use metal to make these cartoons with words on it , it's usually about a story and i enjoyed reading them along our way to the other paintings! This cartoon actually tell people the reason why the street is name Ah Quee it's because this one rich man donated most of his properties and money to the English people just to make sure his name will be sort of remembered forever .

 This is a cartoon about Nasi Kandar :) you can zoom in to it's original size to read the story cause i don't want to bore you by writing it out !
 another cartoon about a true story :)
ok this is a nice one! at first we only saw the huge cat painting not until we see it at a different angle we saw a rat behind!:) and the cat was actually waiting patiently for the rat to appear! What a masterpiece ! Also they've done a really good job with the cat you can see that it's furry ! SHO CUTEEE!
You can find this along Lebuh Armenian that intersects with Lebuh Pantai :) Further down along the same street  you will see another Cat painting! This artist really like the MEOWS :)

Wow this is getting too long i guess i should stop right about here ! please do stay tuned for the second half of my journey :) there's will be more good places I would recommend and pictures to come!
This is just half of the graffiti street there is still 1/2 of it :) Stay tuned!

-Signing out-
-Crystalbebe- xoxo
have a nice day :) everybody! :)

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