Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Penang Part 2

As I promised on the blog post before this I will continue to tell you all the nice places in Penang!
We ain't done with the graffiti street though ! :) next stop we headed to the Famous Jetty ! it's along Pengkalan Weld ! Around that area we see a lot of small wooden houses and some shops selling noodles and cendol but we didn't stop we just continued to walk into the small Jetty village i would call it!

 This is not part of the famous painting but i saw it on one of the houses and thought it looked pretty hilarious so i had to take a picture of it! look how the granny is laughing it brings joy to those that took time to admire this painting .

 Me posing at the jetty a great thing about being so close to the ocean is that you can smell sea water and the sea breeze cools the hot sunny weather down :) to a lot of people I guess this jetty is not much of an attraction but to some people that have been walking under the hot sun for hours being able to just sit near the jetty and enjoy the cooling breeze( even if its under the hot sun ) it was a bliss !
 me and le boyfie :) there used to be a painting on the wooden house next to where we were standing but because of the storm and salt water , the painting eventually faded off .
PS : if you keep walking and follow the trails to the very far end of this place you will find a small chinese temple and the wind there is super cooling and it just calms you down .
We didn't stay long at the jetty cause we wanted to explore and find the other paintings so here we are ! at the Swing painting!

 me acting all poser and shit teehee!
you can find this swing painting along Gat Lebuh Chulia ( it's located very close to the jetty try asking around it wouldn't be very far off from the jetty)

 both of us playing basket ball! Ain't we cool! you can find this basket ball painting right across the road from the swing painting ( On Gat Lebuh Chulia)
just a random monkey prints i found on the walls :) so took a picture of it
Here's for that one place that a lot of people don't notice! The Secret Garden!
The secret garden is actually part of this whole art thing but because it's so small and next to some run down wooden house a lot of people tend to miss this place! I can't remember where is this secret garden located but I remember its around the Jetty area so please ask around :) 
 look at this center piece its so pretty with all the teapots , spatula , cookie cutters , bowls , dish scrubs , plastic plates and so on :) it gives out a light *Cling Cling*  sound when the wind is strong :)

 they plant a lot of herbs and label it so people will know what plant is it . Other than that , this place is kept properly it's very relaxing and the lady taking care of this secret garden was very nice to us too :) she recommend us some nice places to eat and visit!
 They have a chalk board section for people to write down what they want and hang on the walls:)
 me and bryan's one
 table deco ain't it cute! it's like dim sum :)

 my favorite plant so far this red-dish one it looks a bit like red flowers but it's only leaves :)
After that we continued our journey to search for other paintings :)

 Here another metal cartoon art work you can zoom in to the original size to see what's the story behind this !

This chair painting can be found on Lebuh Canon :)
Next we passed by Ben's Toy Museum I swear to god it looked so cool! all the toys looked very vintage indeed! If I'm not mistaken entrance fee for adults is about MYR6 or MYR10 i can't remember it's around there :)
Here's the address if you want to go visit :
No 55, Lebuh Acheh, Georgetown, Penang Island 10200, Malaysia

Unfortunately we didn't get to go in as it was closed when we were there but we did take some pictures of the toys that were sitting outside of the museum :)

 this robot is my favorite it looks so happy and cute! they even plant some trees on the robot's head to make it look like it has leafy hair :) *giggles*

 Yes this doll is BAD ASS! having a ciggy break on her cool pink car :)
 Woody from Toy Story !

Bringing art to a whole new level! even in Cafe they don't waste money on expensive wall papers or quality paint they draw on the walls! :D

We had to take a break after walking around for 2 hours under the hot sun so we had some scones and chocolate brownies at this cafe but it ain't nice so i didn't even bother to remember the name :)
At night on Chulia Street outside Yeng Keng Hotel , there will be small hawker stalls selling food :) look for the old aunty that sells WanTon Mee ! its quite yummy and it's super cheap MYR 3.50 and we had Kangkung with Sotong :) MYR6.00 it was actually quite tasty :)

 KEK LOK SI temple @Ayer Itam, Georgetown, Penang Island, Malaysia

 Kuan Yin Statue I estimate that it's about 7 to 8 floors high up its just really really really really tall and huge! the carvings on these pillars are so detail and amazing! It's just breath taking and would make everyone go WOAHHHH ! but it's still under construction it's not fully done yet but I'm sure when it's done it will look amazing :)
 I was born in the year of the dog so say hi to my doggy friend!
 our MYR1 prayers on a ribbon with our names on it then we hang it up and pray that god will hear us :)
 small water fall really windy here :) but the water is really dirty so don't try to take a swim!
   Me and my boy :)

I guess it's about time i sign off there's still a few more places that I would love to share with you but this is getting too long ! I'll see you in my next blog post !

Stay tuned :) 

-Signing out-
Cheers :) Margarita from Yeng Keng Hotel's bar! It's one of my favorites ! only cost MYR25 :) totally worth it ! 

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