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Food Reviews

Having trouble going to a decent restaurant for flavorful food? No worries I'll bring you all the juiciest food from my taste buds to yours! :)

Do you fancy Japanese food? If you do Here's a few spots that's good for your taste buds!

1. Sushi Tei
If you tried Sushi Zanmai before and liked it as much as I do then you'll enjoy Sushi Tei because it's a few steps ahead of Sushi Zanmai restaurant ! One thing about these fusion Japanese Restaurants are that they cook according to our Malaysian's taste buds so it's usually much more flavorful compared to the REAL Japanese Restaurant (as their food are more blend and not as salty , sweet or sour )

It's a must have to order their Sushi Tei Golden Roll ( in case you don't know what's it contains , it contains fried prawn meat , cucumber , mayo , fish eggs , rice of course and topped with slices of fresh mango!) The mango slices takes this Golden roll one step above all the other sushi roll because it gives so much flavor to it and makes it sweet and sour :) very appetizing !

Golden Roll
Second must have is their Gyoza! I don't know about the rest of you readers but I'm a big fan of dumplings so I've tasted a lot of dumplings and this my friend , This Gyoza.... I would say its a big surprise I never knew that it would taste so good !It's better than Ichiban Boshi's Gyoza! It has a crunchy bottom and inside its juicy and chewy just the way I like it and you dip it in their sauce (I'm guessing they put soy sauce , some vinegar and probably some sugar ) because it taste sweet and sour just the right balance of everything ! You must try it!!!! it's mouthgasm!
Third Must have is their Agedashi Tofu ! it's crunchy and hot on the outside but soft and smooth in the inside :) with their special soy sauce it makes it Oh-So Yummy! If you're a fan of Tofu you'll definitely love this!

Agedashi Tofu

BTW the DUPES for ICHIBAN BOSHI's Unagi Rice box thing that cost about MYR 33 is SUSHI TEI's UNAGI RICE BOX which is only about MYR28-MYR29 but the amout of Unagi you get is much more and must tasty :) Do keep that in mind if you're a Unagi lover! Unagi DON in SUSHI TEI !! Yumers :)

Address: Pavillion food court floor :) Sushi Tei
Rate : 7/10
Price: Average (Not very expensive it's affordable)
Service: Food came quite quickly after we placed our orders and staffs are friendly

2. Next Japanese Restaurant is TonKaTsu !

Have you ever heard about the Breaded Pork ? The one that's been quite of a hype awhile ago? Let me give you a full look about this place! :)
There's hardly any Non-Halal Restaurant In Pavillion that is usually Full House and still has a line going on at 8pm :) on weeknights! I was really shock when I had to wait for 20mins for a table!

What's really special about this restaurant is probably the breaded pork and how they let you make your own sauce for the breaded pork :)

You have to grind the sesame seeds using the bowl and wooden stick thing and then later on pour the sauce on it , mix it well and VIOLA!!! You have successfully created your own SAUCE!!! :)

I ordered their Breaded Pork Loin I can't remember what's the Japanese name for it but I know its called SET 2 on the Menu! All these Sets come with a tofu , salad , soup and rice!

I would also highly recommend you to try their Pork Belly cooked with Onions with some sauce set I can't remember the name AGAIN!! but you can just ask them or check the menu! It's really flavourful and I like how it's not too chewy and just right :)

I also love their soup! it's not any ordinary miso soup you get from the sushi joint down the street they put in a lot of ingredients like mushrooms, big onion , pork meat , carrot and some other Japanese ingredients I guess cause one of them felt like gelatin ! Good thing about this is you can refill your soup and your salad!

Tonkatsu in Japanese means Deep Fried Breaded Pork . Don't be terrified by the word Deep Fried ! At first I thought it would be very greasy and oily but it didn't it was crunchy on the outside but nicely cooked in the inside , it didn't give me that oily after taste .
However , I was a bit disappointed with the sauce (Sorry ! But I had to say it otherwise you'll end up dipping too much of sauce ) It's a big too salty so remember a little goes a very long way! Don't wrap the whole piece of pork into the sauce and let it swim!!! :)

PS: I really like their green tea too it's very fragrant

Address: Pavillion 6th Floor next to Ben's restaurant
Price:Above Average ( Set meals range from RM29-36 about there)
Service: Fantastic (staffs are very nice and would check if you needed a soup refill or anything else)

Next would be Western Food !
1. "F" by Buffalo Kitchen
I've been to this restaurant awhile back but just decided to blog about it . I would categorize this place in the Fine dining category because of its location , its environment , the food they serve and their services.

When it comes to western food most of the restaurants are the same but whether or not you can stand out of the crowd , it's a whole new story and a whole new level !

They also have really nice home made bread if you go there you should order it and they will give you olive oil with some ground olives to dip the bread it :) Sweet and simple!

First up on the table that's a must have is their Wild Mushroom Soup! Yes usually we Malaysians Hardly follow the order of soup , starters , main course and desert but we just so happened to want to try this Wild Mushroom Soup! Yes! They've bring soups to a whole new level , it's so flavourful , exquisite and Va-Va-VOOM! after one spoon full you'll want more :) The way they cook the mushroom soups they put in a lot of different mushrooms and it's not too course or too fine until you cannot feel it in your mouth , it's not too thick and not too watery just the right amount of everything!

Next their Lamb Shank , Here's the thing I'm not an expert in Lamb shanks so I can't tell you if it's really good or just average but it's quite nice the meat fell off the bones when u apply slight pressure onto it and it was soft and juicy :) It is served with mashed potatoes , I like the texture of their mashed potatoes how its smooth and just right !

Squid Ink? Anyone wants to get inked?! well not permanently ! If you have a thing for seafood and want to try something that used to be quite exotic! try their Seafood Squid Ink Pasta! It's really yummy and the seafood is very fresh :) Pastas can be a very simple dish to prepare but can't also be a very hard dish to impress !However this Squid Ink Pasta left a big smile on my mom's face :)

Who's up for a Juicy Slab Of RED MEAT!!!! YES Red meat A.K.A Beef :) This is the Chef's Special for that day . I'll be a bit honest I don't think it is worth the money because the flavour was ordinary it was more blend maybe they want to maintain the flavour of the meat so they choose not to marinate it too much . It's quite small but the meat is thick and juicy :)

Here's a picture of my Flat White Coffee I know! Dinner and coffee doesn't really mix well but it's good :) I enjoy their Flat White look at the foam love shape ngawww sho cute!!!!

Now for the deserts ;) Diamonds are a girl's best friend but Desert are a girl's soul sister! The desert here is really artistic and really nice!

First up their Tofu Cheese cake topped with some glazed almonds , cookie crumbs or brownie crumbs can't really remember , strawberries and a nice scoop of vanilla ice cream! Yummy :) the tofu cheese cake is really good !

Next their Chocolate Lava Cake !I'd rate this 9/10 better than Chili's Molten Lava Cake ! they usually freshly bake these goodies when you order them:) so it's really yummy and chocolaty ! BEST OF THE BEST!!!! YOU MUST TRY IT IF You're a CHOCOHOLIC!

Thirdly , this desert well I forgot the name but it has the word Mascarpone on it! XD and trust me it looks exactly like what the picture shows! this is really a beautiful plate of desert! It has little meringue , shortbread , strawberry and some mascarpone cheese and ice cream! yummy in the tummy :)

Address : 69-1 Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru, 59100, Kuala Lumpur .
Rate : 9/10
Price : Quite expensive but affordable depending on what you order :) 
Service : Good (FYI please call them up and make reservations because on weekends it's usually quite pack )

That's about it for this round! Stay Tuned for my next Food Review Coming up real soon ! :)  I'll also keep you updated about the best place for a nice cup of coffee and much more!

" It's not about how much you have eaten , it's about how well have you eaten "
Just another selfie of myself :) no filter! Teehee excuse my face please:)

-signing out-
-Crystalbebe- xoxo

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