Monday, July 15, 2013

Food , Coffee tea or me?

Just as I promised , I'll bring you more updates about good food that I personally find worth it :)

Western Food :
1. La Risata Restaurant
"La Risata" means Laughter and indeed every single time I dine in , I always leave this place with happiness all written on my face :) Happiness can come in many form but the most significant is from a satisfying meal and good company!

First up I enjoy their Red Meat a.k.a steak medium rare ! this if I'm not mistaken is 250g steak it comes with 3 different sauce (Brown , Mushroom and Black pepper ) it is served with some mashed potatoes and long beans :) I really love their steak compared to "F" by buffalo Kitchen's steak this is much more flavorful and worth the money!

Next is their House specialty it's quite famous I'm not sure what its called but its seafood pasta with tomato base sauce wrapped in a foil ! Do ask them they will tell you which one it is :)

They also serve really good Squid Ink Pasta! :) The give you a lot of Seafood ! Please keep in mind to eat it while it is hot because once it gets cold , you can smell the fishy smell which i personally find disgusting. That's why eat it while it's hot :) It's nice when it's hot!

La Risata is famous for their hand tossed pizza ! They even bake the pizza the traditional way! With the fire wood and the open air oven :) It's really cool! I love their Peperoni pizza it's so cheesy , crunchy on the outside , not too thick and most of all its super flavorful ! Once you've tasted their pizza , you can never find satisfaction in dominos and so on! Pizza is quite big and the price is around MYR26-30

Price:Average to expensive depending on what you order
Service: excellent (staffs are really helpful but it takes a while before your food comes)
Address:* 16 Persiaran Ampang, 55000 Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur Wilayah Persekutuan, Malaysia
              *128 Jalan Kasah Medan Damansara,50490 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Indian Food:
1.  D'Tandoor

I am pretty sure a lot of you will look at this and think about MaMak food or like Banana Leaf..... But! This is not your ordinary Indian food ! It is the Northern Indian cuisine :)

There are days where we all want a change for our taste buds so we've decided to go all Bollywood with our choice! I LOVE THE FOOD HERE ZOMG!!!! ITS the BOMB !

Order their Mutton Curry with Naan it's really excellent! It's spicy , flavorful , makes you Full and bottom line it's damn good and you should go try it! If you don't it's really your loss!  It may look like a small pot of mutton curry but trust me even me and my boyfriend both of us we couldn't finish it and had to pack it up ! FYI It's ground mutton and you scoop some of the ground mutton curry up and place it on the naan itself then wrap it up and VIOLA! you have yourself a mouth full of goodies!

Their Chicken tandoori is alright I wouldnt recommend it but it's the house special and It's on top of the list a lot of people enjoy it but I'm not a big fan or orange colored chicken so yeah i didn't really like it . You eat this Chicken Tandoori with rice or Naan It's all up to you :)

My fatty my soul mate :)

Service: Excellent (staffs are very polite)
Address :28-72 Jalan SS 21/62, Damansara Utama
Petaling Jaya, Selangor 47400 (in Uptown) __________________________________________________________
Next Section I would like to ask you first COFFEE , TEA OR ME?? :)
Well I'll tell you what ! you're gonna get coffee and me :) *Jokes*

I'm not a professional coffee drinker but I just love coffee a lot . I love how it is aromatic , it keeps me awake , it keeps me warm inside out also I love how whenever I take a sip of coffee I feel calm and relax :)

I wanna introduce you *Drum Rolls* THE BREW CULTURE!

Let me tell you what , other than good coffee you damn right have to have a nice environment for your customers to feel all relaxed :) This place has it all! When you walk into the cafe you can really smell strong coffee smell and you will always be welcomed with big smiles from the owner :)

Here's how the place look! you be the judge if it's cute and nice or not!

Here's the Hot chocolate (It is not in the menu you have to ask them to make it for you ! It's really yummy I've never had such nice hot chocolate before )

Hot cappuccino MYR 7.50

Cow-cow milk something Caramel drink my cousin soo jean ordered ! Don't know if it's correct or not!

US :) going all crazy with the decos in this cafe!

me and my bestie :) Karman Tee <3 br="">

polaroid pictures of me , soo jean a.k.a my cousin and karman

Hi tryna look tall here ;) is it working?! i guess not!

we like fluffy pillows! Look at ze pillows so cute!

my cousin and my bestie with their pillows WEEE

Address :B-01-06, Plaza Damas 3, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1
Kuala Lumpur, WP Kuala Lumpur 50480
:) I'll be heading to Singapore in a days time so I'll be bringing you all my amazing journey in Singaland to you!!!!! Stay Tuned! I'll also be updating you about some other coffee shops near Hartamas area :)

thank you so much for visiting my blog

-signing out-

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