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Singapore Food

Well I went to Singapore like a month ago but finally decided to update my blog about it! There's gonna be other parts too but right now I want to write about the food I've had in Singapore ! (My new Discoveries!! )

"You're irreplaceable , A collectible , Just like fine China....."
Fine China... Fine Chinese food it is ;)
TUNGLOK HEEN a fine dining place for Chinese food :) After we checked into Hotel Micheal @ Resort World Sentosa , we've decided to loiter around to find food then we saw this chinese restaurant and decided to give it a shot! Read on to find out more :)

 The place looks pretty grand aye! It feels like a western cuisine restaurant but it's actually a Chinese restaurant with Square tables and only 2 big round tables! (Super Odd interior design)

This my dear readers is called Fried Fish Skin (it's an appetizer trust me it doesn't look good but it taste sooo GOOD!!!) If you're a big fan of Crunchy food you will enjoy this! It doesn't feel very oily , the Fish Skin doesn't taste fishy and I like how they coat it with some salted egg before deep frying it so it's more flavorful.

This is Tofu but i forgot the name unfortunately..... But it's really nice the tofu is nicely seated on some minced meat gravy....It taste a bit salty and sweet just the right balance i guess :) i remember my granny saying they placed (MIN SIN * read in Cantonese* a kind of flavoring paste to enhance the tofu's flavor ). I like this a lot too I think if you dine here you must order this Tofu!

This is another Lovely Dish!!!! It's pork belly and some lean pork meat with some eggs :) I forgot what it is called again but then it's so good. I love how braised it in soy sauce so that the meat is tender and not too dry. The pork belly absorbed all the flavors so when you bite into it .... You can imagine Unicorns and rainbows flying around (JUST KIDDING!) but bottom line it's really good and satisfying :)
Well , Chinese people always order at least one type of green on the table! So yup this vege nothing special , they used the tofu's gravy for this vege.... HOW LAZY! but still it taste pretty decent like any other vege you find in Chinese restaurants!

We had spicy pepper pork stomach soup too but i didn't take a picture of it so i can't show it to you! It's not bad but I've had better in Malaysia :) Will blog about that delicious spicy pepper pork stomach noodles that I recently discovered hiding somewhere in Cheras ;) ! Stay tuned for that post!

Environment : Classy and peaceful
Service         : Good
Price             :Expensive
Rate             : 7/10
       : 02-142/143 , Hotel Micheal (Resort World Sentosa ) , 8 Sentosa Gateway

Next Stop desserts !
If anyone that knows me personally knows how picky I am and there's always something to critic about , something that is just missing in the food that i put in my mouth.
SHOKUDO cafe for high tea with my cousin :)

AWW ! Look at the Menu! ain't it cute!!!The pictures shown on the menu turns out to be the same as the one that came to my table!! Look doesn't it look the same! :) I ordered the Macha Parfait !

Those dark green balls are mochi , the lighter green one is macha ice cream , an Almond Biscotti to munch on some cream and vanilla ice cream , macha jelly underneath and cornflakes :)
Well I'll be frank with you , the decoration is excellent , the macha ice cream and biscotti is good but the mochi is too soft (NOT CHEWY ENOUGH) the cream and vanilla ice cream is too sweet (if you have too much of those and not burn it off afterwards you'll get diabetes) so overall i was quite upset that it's not as good as it looks !
The Dupe for this is SUSHI ZANMAI's Green Tea Parfait it's much more in quantity and it's the right balance and the right price too!

Now comes the main attraction of this CAFE! their waffles!

 This is called the Chocolate Banana Waffle ! Have i mention how much i fancy waffles?! I've tried Dip & Dip's waffles and Caffeiness's Waffles.... multiple times and it failed me every single time... there's no right balance or consistency. Maybe it's just me but when i put a piece of waffle into my mouth I wanna make sure that it's not too dry that it can choke me , or the texture of the waffle itself is not nice. This is by far the best waffles I've ever had ! It's moist , the right texture not too soft not too hard or crunchy . They drizzle the right amount of chocolate onto the waffle but I'd prefer if they place the chocolate separately but still it's so good! i highly recommend this to everyone that's gonna visit Singapore or is currently living in Singapore :)

Environment : Fun and relaxing
Service        : Slow
Price           : Reasonable
Rate            :8/10 (Only for the waffles)
Address      : 01-53, Bugis Street Junction , 200 Victoria Street

Last for this post !
well i know it's probably such a mainstream and common thing in Singapore but trust me in Malaysia not everyone have their breakfast in Toast box , in fact it's actually not popular here in Malaysia.. Ppl prefer Old Town , or your favorite Kopitiams near the wet market :)

I know it sounds very weird but it's my first time having Toast Box and i had it in Singapore!
 Yes i love their soft boil egg! It's just the right egg you know! not too raw and not overcooked! Trust me the size of eggs in Singapore are so much bigger than in Malaysia! and it's so fresh :)
 Por Loh Bun with cold butter :) i love Por Loh Bun because the top is slightly crispy and sweet so it gives the bun itself some sweetness and it's so moist and soft :) really good combo with the cold butter gives it a silky sweet and hint of salty taste .
 NOMS! managed to take a picture before this scrumptious ham and cheese toasted sandwich went into someone's stomach !it's not too burnt and not too dry just the right sandwich!
Fish ball noodles soup :O my aunt say it's really yummy and the fish balls are really big!!!!!! totally worth it!
 BTW! I love their Milk tea! In Malaysia we call it TEH TARIK! it's really good :) not too hot , not too sweet , the tea is not too overpowering :) just the right cup of tea to kick start your day!
 Kaya and butter toasted bread! :) Not as nice as the Ham and cheese sandwich and the Por Lor Bun!
Banana cake! Nice and Moist but a bit too much after all of that food :)

Toast Box is really affordable , it comes in a set ! Usually it includes 2eggs , your choice of selection of sandwiches and a cup of hot tea of coffee :) If I'm not mistaken u can get it under SGD11 . Quite cheap and filling :)

Environment : clean and decent ( a bit noisy )
Service        : It runs like a cafeteria you order at the counter and pay , then later collect your food at another counter :)
Price           : Cheap (Reasonable)
Rate            :8/10 (Food here is always served fresh )
Address      : in Sentosa Island ,The Forum™, Level B1 near the Casino floor

Please Excuse my bloated face due to lack of sleep from the day before :) CHEESE!!!!! :)

I hope you enjoy reading my blog post :)
Even though it's not anything out of the blue! Please stay tuned for my next post about Interesting foods and nice food i found in the longest night market in Malaysia ! :)

Signing out
-Crystalbebe- xoxo

" How can we say that we've truly lived if we have not let ourselves enjoy food of all sorts ? " quote by

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