Wednesday, December 14, 2011

True Facts About Girls

i bet you have seen this video call True Facts About Girls (Must Watch)
Its quite famous on Facebook in fact even after like 1 week people are still posting the video asking their friends to watch it!

well after u read this i would love to point out a few points!!

"Behind Every Successful Man Is A Woman ; Behind Every Unsuccessful Man Is Also A Woman"
If man are unsuccessful and a woman still stay with him this shows her loyalty towards him , this shows how much a woman love you and that they are willing to suffer with you when you are at your lowest.

"If i don't say i love you before i end the call she will start her melodrama"
Well u want to know why if you don't say i love you she would start her melodrama? Not because she is a drama queen , not because she is trying to seek attention but its because when you are with a person for long , they will be afraid to lose you one day , they have this fear of losing you thats why if you say i love you it will make them feel better.Even though people say Actions Speak Louder Than Words , but still sometimes even though the word don't mean a thing but at least it gives people a comfort and they don't have to think too much.

"Bollywood dramas is always about a girl and a guy they fall in love with each other and they live happily. But no one says what happen next "
Well do you want to know why in every love drama series you watch , its always happily ever after and no one says what happen next?
Its because Bollywood or whatever love drama series are like a fairy tales , people worte the script because in reality everything is the opposite.
Fairy tales exist when life is cruel , hopeless , sad , painful and sorrow.Thats the reason why fairy tales exist it is to let people get a taste of happiness and hope via it.
Life is not a bed of roses ,
it might look easy but its hard.
the day i met you , i felt like we were going to last forever,
i shouldn't have believe it ,
not because i don't love you enough to believe it ,
but i think i won't fall for a men's words when they say forever.
nothing last forever when there is a start there will be an end.
you choose to be alone and let me go ,
i hope that one day when you wake up ,
you will realize that i really love you a lot ,
and remember all the things we did together ,
the long talks at the corridor , the short walks hand in hand , the warm hugs , the laughter we shared , the kind of joy we had together , the silly-ness that we both show when we are together without realizing it...

i am still hoping for a miracle to happen.How i wish i would have realize my mistakes earlier then maybe i could change everything

all the memories we had , it is priceless , all the laughter in our face i hope time stops and turn back again.

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