Monday, December 30, 2013

Goodbye 2013

Goodbye 2013 ,
thank you for being kind when things were tough and rough ,
thank you for shining a light when it was dark and lonely ,
thank you for the good friends I've made ,
thank you for all the amazing memories .

2013 to me was split into a few phases , starting of the year when i was still in college struggling with my Alvl exams , the great celebrations when Alvls is over , the work experience in GSC pavilion , the departure of my good friends that was a little heartbreaking , the holiday trips that I enjoyed a lot , the continuation of my cheerleading life and nearing the end of 2013 the start of my uni life .

2013 was a year with a lot of ends and also a lot of starts ; a lot of closed doors and also a lot of new doors opening for me . In a nut shell , each year things get better than the last and I feel very grateful for what I'm enjoying now :) Really hope that 2014 will be good to me , my family and friends .

Welcome to my room on campus! Selfie before the presentation of our Office building! #civilengineersinthemaking

2013 Christmas with my boo Bryan and also close friends :)

My cute baby Hazel :)

My mother and I at Pavilion :) taking picture with the decorations! 29/12/2013
college clubs and society fair! Our De Fashionista Club :) Bitish Invasion theme

cousin and best friend :) sipping coffee at the brew culture @ Plaza Damas 3

Best friends from high school that will always stick up for me

Last year's New Year's Eve :)

Beautiful cousins group picture :) at our cousin's wedding

Selfie after Alvls exam! Going to celebrate Kimberley's birthday

mini getaway to Penang! picture taken by le boyfie:)

Uni's Fresher week party with le girls :)

Start of my other cheerleading life! Extreme Malaysia All Star :)

WE LOVE ASIA 2013 rave rave rave

Saying goodbye to my college mates are the hardest :/

Soulmates nuff said

First time being out of the country! photo taken at Micheal Hotel , Sentosa , Singapore

Farewell for my good friend he is going to City University in London :(

Just love my job sometimes! Working for KLCC busker event! Spot me!

Sorry if i missed out some photos with anyone don't worry this is not the whole summary of 2013 it's just part of it :) I'm sure next year it will be even better!

Bastille- Pompeii :)

I'll be away for a while cause I have exams to sit for ! :) I hope you all enjoyed this post!

-signing out-

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