Sunday, May 11, 2014


Mom ,
To that person that went through so much of pain bringing us to this world ,
To that person that stayed awake countless nights just to take care of us ,
To that person that heart broke a little when we first learned how to talk back ,
To that person that pained so much when all we say " MOM YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND" ,
To that person that died a little when she overheard you sobbing at night over your heartbreak ,
To that person that teared when you complain about what you don't have ,
To that person that studied all my subjects again so she could teach me how to study ,
To that person that worked so hard just to give me I want even if it cost a fortune ,
To that person that encouraged me when I was at the edge of giving up ,
To that person that spent so much time teaching me how to be the person I am today,
To that person that smiled the brightest when I got good results ,
To that person that taught me if one door closes another will open ,
To that person that made me realize if life gives you lemon make tequila shots out of it ,

I still remember when I was young
How I didn't understand how hard you're working just to make ends meet ,
How inconsiderate I was as a child ,
How you always tolerate me ,
How you never gave up on me ,
How you could have just walk away that day but you didn't ,
I'm glad you didn't otherwise I wouldn't be the person I am today.

Mom you're one hell of a woman ! God only gives their toughest task to their strongest fighter and mom I'm proud to be your daughter .

Happy Mother's Day mom and to all the moms out there ! Trust me even though we always talk back , we say things that hurt your feelings but we don't mean it , sometimes we don't even know why we said it but it's difficult to take back those hurtful words and it's even more difficult to say sorry (mainly because of our ego) .

Sorry mom , I love you to the moon and back , forever and ever .

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