Wednesday, November 18, 2009


i am so damn pissed!!!
WTF i have been like going out with friends guys and girls for so long and tomorrow i wanted to go out n watch movie n sing k my mom actually say no u cannot go n sing k!!!
WTF man what century is this!!!girls have to go out with girls and cant go out with guys!!!
what the hell man!!!its not like we're gonna drink n get drunk or something
we r just gonna go n sing thats all
what is this man i am so freaking pissed off
now they r not gonna let me go out urrggh i just feel like screaming out !!!i feel so sick n tired what is this
omg man
its like my friends r bad ppl n only my cousins r good ppl n i can only go out with them urgggh!!shit

Unless u life my live , dont judge it <3

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