Thursday, November 19, 2009

TS outting =D <3

today i went to TS with reek victor and ernie =)
we watch the movie a christmas carol it was well kinda scary n quite nice =)
then we went for bowling i strike 1time while vic strike 3 times n i dont think reek got any strikes hahaa!!!!!
the atmosphere was like so boring until jarrel turn up n the atmosphere went a lil crazier lols.
after the bowling we went to play snooker
it was fun!!! haha
we went to sushi king and eat after that and victor forgot to pay the bil and walk out
the worker thr was calling him bak n we waited for him to pay the bil lols ;)
i went like okayyy he forget to pay!!!do i know him or something lols (joking)
then we went to the arcrane dont know how to spell it!!but i think its something like this??
lols they went like playing race car n me n ernie just stand thr looking at them for like 20min we were thr and i can tell u i hear a lot of swearing from them lols =) ishh ishhh
then we took the lrt bak home it was a long walk but yup it was fun indeed =)
i had loads of fun
and i almost left my rm10 in my pocket n dump it into the washing machine thank god i remember lols

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