Saturday, November 14, 2009

starting of something new <3

14.11.2009 (it was a cold night)
i think about this problem for the long time..
is there something between us that went wrong...
even if we try to be together everything just seem so wrong and different...
i finally had the courage to speak out , i figure that 1 of us has to speak out not now but still sooner why not i be the bad guy and bring up this topic.
we all agree that the feel between us is not as strong as last time and the gap between the both of us is further n further ...
i ask if he wants to go on with this...he say he don't know...
it was hard to make a decision but it's even harder to lie to urself telling urself that its ok u like him n tomorrow will be a better day but it cant change we cant go back to the past and its the fact...
finally i made the decision i told him maybe we could be BFF =) that was the best choice to not destroy our relationship ...
i asked him to move on and not hang on its worthless trying to cry over something that is already gone
i didnt mean to hurt u but it was the choice i made and we can still hang out :)
According to you
I'm stupid, I'm useless, I can't do anything right.
According to you
I'm difficult, hard to please, forever changing my mind.
I'm a mess in a dress, can't show up on time, even if it would save my life.
According to you. According to you.

But according to him
I'm beautiful, incredible, he can't get me out of his head.
According to him
I'm funny, irresistible, everything he ever wanted.
Everything is opposite,
I don't feel like stopping it,
so baby tell me what I got to lose.
He's into me for everything I'm not, according to you.

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