Friday, June 11, 2010


Heyy Heyyy what did you just say?!


i can't really hear you

WHAT u think this is mean?! well sorry think again! don't make me become who i'm not!

you seriously wouldn't like to MESS with me

what did u say u call me a FAKER?!

hellooo i didn't have to say that for the god sake of CENTRE OF ATTRACTION

neither do i need that for POPULARITY!

i did that so that people know that i didn't got DUMP!i say that i don't deserve you not for the god sake of attention so that people know that they are saying CHEER UP to the wrong person!

seriously do not ever EVER PISS ME OFF

if you want to talk bad about me next time please don't tell it to my BFF go tell it to the wall

make sure no one hears you!

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