Saturday, June 12, 2010

Love is IN THE AIR

Some people gets all sobbed up while some just take it easy
its hard sometimes but still it makes you grow up
it makes you wake up from your sleep and show you that YOU have to wake up get out of your shell and not care about what people think or say
EVERYONE in this WORLD will tell you that what you do is wrong cause they don't know what you are thinking , what you want or who you are
they just SAW the side of them even me , i only see the side of what i WANT
and i won't care what happens i just WANT what i WANT even if it means the whole world will turn their faces to you and spit on me , i will still do what i want
this is life , life gives you some SWEET candy sometimes and they give you some SOUR milk but thats just life.
Just every step you take you grow up , you find out that what you want is not that and you try to get the BEST ...
you're so nice to me . waiting with me when i am alone. coming over to see me . listen to what i crap when i am sad . you said you are a regular commuter and i can't believe u trouble urself just to spend some time with me... you believe what i think and say . you are always beside me when i needed someone to understand me .


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