Thursday, June 10, 2010


I'm not evil i just can't lie to you...
i can lie to the whole wide world that i am madly in love but i just can't change the fact that i'm not
i'm not perfect i make mistakes i try to take a U-turn but it doesn't work i tried everyway but it doesn't work out right
i know people will say that i am a heartbreaker i don't deserve you.
you are too good to be with me
i'm just an ordinary girl that don't have any worth for you to love.i break your heart and i don't mind baring the name of HEARTBREAKER BAD PERSON EVIL STUPID i dont mind i just don't want to hurt you deeper! if i lie to you and continue i'm making it harder for you to accept when i leave you.
i'm being CRUEL to you i'm sorry but thats just life.
you can live without me perfectly =) cause you already move on and you really can live better without me you deserve better than me.

now i just want to focus on a few things in life :




4.meeting more people

5.(also taking a popularity boast to the next lvl)

6. him... ...<3

7.losing weight

i'm a freak i admit it but i can't lie to you neither can i change what has been done or say


0 Signing off now 0

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