Friday, November 12, 2010

Left Out

Hurray Exam is over today i felt like a Bird being set free!
i was jumping around i was so happy Everyone is waiting for this day to end after 1 month we finally run til the end
we all touched the finishing line and we all won the race baby!
first thing i did was jump around dance sing and talking like freaking bi-a-tches! well thats what friends and friends do ;)
then i teman Victor my lovely Brother to get a job! and we met up with my long time no see or talk friend Ysheng! well he change back to the same of sheng what can i say NOTHING =)
everyone change! even i change my hairstyle XD
super tired super sad supper disappointed after that
somethings happen its just so hard to accept somethings are like your life you love it a lot you are fully committed in it and when you get a little disappointment you feel like you are at the bottom and when people don't find you important you prove to them that you don't need them and you are better off with some other people...
i feel that i am not considered and i'm not important.
i browse through all the Fb Posts
i saw this about second chances
well it just struck me it just made me even more sad
i just went like saying don't pray for a second chance pray for a better tomorrow
i've been there done that second chances third chances were given but nothing turns out right... sometimes when you lose something its dead and gone you can never get it back but if u pray for a better tomorrow god might give u little sweet surprises =) Peek-A-Boo ! i really admire Victor and his Gf Aurelia how sweet willing to sacrifice and love so touching
Love taste like heaven but hurts like hell

Tik-tok Tik-Tok time past so fast when we were all yelling Goshh i hate school so fast its the end and so fast next year its Hell SPM for us....

-signing out-
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