Thursday, November 4, 2010

Uniqlo Grand Opening 4/11/2010 @ Farenheit 88

CHEERS Uniqlo is in TOWNN at Farenheit 88 !
Well i gotta say i went there today and i went like WOW Whr did these people come from its like people lining up to see a concert or something!!!! The Line was MASSIVE and when i say MASSIVe its really long and huge the crowd were mostly young teens and working females and males! i went into another shop ask the sales
Me : " Hey umm can i ask where is Uniqlo? and why are these people lining up??"
Sales : " Well Uniqlo is outside and upstairs.Those people lining up to enter Uniqlo lar!"
Me : * JAWS DROP IMMEDIATELY * ( was thinking DANGGG these people really wanna get a Fresh Glimps on the fashion aye! )
Sales : " AIyooo you people come so late!!! those people came here at 5 in the morning!"
Me :" WHAT!!! 5 in the morning!" ( its like Tom Cruise is in the shop and everyone wants to get a piece of him!)

I thought heyyyyy i'm so gonna join the line i mean how bad can it be rite! plus the clothes is awesome and its really cheap!
( Well not really a good idea i can sing the song * all the girls standing in the line for the bathroom * again and again! ) i waited for 1 hour and i wasn't even near to the shop! i went like URGGGHHH nvm i got no time but heyy at least i got this super duper nice dark chocolate cheese cake!
and i went into Charles and Keith Da Louise (selling assesories super nice! its from korea second floor at Farenheit 88 shopping mall )

I was even shock when me and my mom drove past Uniqlo the line was even longer outside! and there's like a bouncer letting people in! Wow they really made it BIG!!! and looks like people trying to get into a CLUB! well although i didn't get to go in today i hope i can get into Uniqlo next week!!! *keeping my fingers cross*

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