Sunday, November 14, 2010

Outing with baby and babes ;) Fun Funny Phobia Scary Day!

i woke up 5 in the morning i was so excited about the outing i couldn't really sleep i try super hard only fall back asleep wake up again at 8 then wake up again at 9 then i can't sleep adi although i try to pretend that i am sleeping but i can't!!!
i am already thinking Hmmmm What to Wear ?!!
Then about 10 i quickly hop out of my bed rush into the toilet start bathing then choose the clothes i want to wear i act super cool like hmm i don't really care don't have to rush in front of my mom but actually i'm dying to quickly reach pavi so i can see him!
i pick out out a green top i bought it a long time ago grap my mini skirt put on sunblock , mascara , some lip gloss , spray perfume , fix my hair , apply lotion stuff everything into my handbag grab mahh bag and shoes and walk down stairs...
at Pav i while i was waiting for him to come me victor karman mun yee and her cousin sis jennifer went to the shop STICKY they making candies

Its super nice =)
then i saw him omg my heart was pounding like rain pouring on the bucket! i was happy to finally go out with him and have fun =)
he is really funny and i really love him
pictures of today!
i had fun with my babes crashing into ZARA and trying on the men's clothes and trying on scarf trying to act like a hot damn mess! ;)

love him so much! He ain't no sweet talker =)

Phobia and scary cause when we sit jack's car his car scratch the walls of the car park and i was shock scared and i swear i was closing my ears and praying for god!don't let me die! jokes haha don't be mad jack!!! just joking overall u were a ok driver ;)
love u mwahs!

Love you babes! and my baby boy
PS: Jack Please don't drive me out! Jokes ahahaha get a bicycle like u say!

-Signing out-
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