Sunday, November 21, 2010

Wishes =)

Do you remember when you are really young and you make all these crazy wishes and wrote them down on a piece of paper and pray to god everyday that wishes will come true?
Wishes i made when i was young :
1 i wanna be Pretty
2 i wanna have the nicest clothes in the whole wide world
3 i wanna be RICH
4 i wanna be tall
5 i wanna have EVERYTHING
7 i want my mom to quit scolding me
8 i wanna GROW UP! I wanna be an adult!
9 i don't want to go to school anymore
10 i wanna be a GET_WHAT_I_WANT_SUperstar
But what if everything came true what if one day i woke up and i was already 25 and that i missed out all the times i have trying to figure out how to beat other people down and get all the stuff that people don't have...
after watching 16WIshes all i want now for my 16 birthday is not 16 wishes i don't need any of it!
I just want 1 thing in this world
I want to be with my family love them cherish them laugh smile have crazy wild party times with them i don't want to be apart from any one of my family member i just want to let them know that what i did last time was wrong
-Being Lazy
-Telling Lies
-thinking about boys all the time
-Talking back
i was wrong back then because i wan naive i didn't know where was i heading to
i didn't know that growing up means learning how to face problems it was all better the view was soooo much better when we were all young and we didn't have to worry about money worry about TOMORROW! but now its all a process and more like a normal thing to worry about tomorrow get all stressed out and all messed up....all sad and moody
i miss my friends i love them
i love my parents i love my family

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