Monday, May 16, 2011

16 May 2011

Went to school half dead in the morning not enough sleep and stuff but i was happy because HE remember that its our 1 month being together TEEHEEEE =)
Sat for Biology Paper 3 and Chemistry paper 3. it was the first time i felt so relax sitting for the exam because i was prepared ;)
but i was freaking sleep after finishing the paper i don't remember checking it , i just fell fast asleep =0

Then i went home to study Chemistry paper1 and 2 gosh Half way through form4 chapeter 7 Acid and Base , i fell asleep again! gosh =3=
then i went for British Council wasn't very fun but at least i get to release stress there by crapping with my friends =)
On the way home , i've decided to catch a movie with my boyfie and some of my close friends so i called up everyone i told them that we are watching Fast 5 and it was AWESOMEEEEEEEEEE that movie is a MUST WATCH!

all the action , all the SPORTS CAR and all the HOT CHICKS and HOT GUYS just make that movie so WORTHY!!! and the story line is nicely done! GOOD JOB =) because usually action movie don't have a nice Story line but this is SO GOOD!

i made a card for my boyfiee just to remind him how much i love him and this 30 days being with him was just so happy and awesome =)
It's really unique =)

Front page of the card =)

Back of the card

One part of the card (inside)

Full Page of it =)

i love you so much darling!

-signing out-

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