Saturday, May 21, 2011

songs that are nice

Ever heard of this band BIG TIME RUSH??? they are from nikeloneon i bet you watch that channel when you are like what 9 years old to 13! DON'T LIE!!!! XD
They have a really nice song name BOYFRIEND =)
its really cute i mean the lyrics and they are so CUTE TOO!!!
Next Song:
Jason derulo-Love Hangover
its probably a song that reflects on most of the teenagers and young adults!

Britney Spears ft Ke$ha ft Nicki Minaj - Til the world ends

Okay i have to admit it , at first i thought what Nicki is rapping was really stupid and like OMG why am i hearing all these ANIMALS' name?!!! is she psyhco?! but then i realise you got to listen to it for a few more times then that song will cling onto ur brain and start repeating like a recorder! and i LOVE IT!!!

FAMA 農夫 - 话太普通

another song that is meaningful thats if you can understand cantonese. i love FAMA not because they are cute or anything just that what they are singing are mostly the truth and about our everyday life and stuff thats why i just love listening to this band =)

Dr Dre ft Eminem ft - I need a doctor ( NEW SONG THAT I LOVE! FROM EMINEM )

Meaningful song about love and sacrifice baby!

-signing out-
0 Crystalbebe 0

-People try to bring you down once in awhile by mind fucking you so don't fall into their trap. Show them what you are made up of , and if they think you will just tumble and fall apart shove the end results into their mouth and they will have nothing to say ! DON't let them bring you down-
Quotes "Crystal Wong"

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