Monday, May 2, 2011


I appreciate the fact that you are understanding , caring you would listen to me crap about nothing!
Even if i am angry about something i don't know why after like 20minutes i tend to lose my anger and don't know what am i angry about!
So when i try to tell someone what pissed me off a few minutes back , i couldn't tell it properly and i made it sound like i don't mind anymore!
Thats probably a good thing about me =) i don't get mad at something easily but if you click the wrong button i will explode just for that few minutes after that , its all gone ! God knows where it went too =)
OKAYY!!! Let me introduce you Ampang's Delicious FOOD! YONG TAU FU

Seriously i don't know what name is this shop but i only know it has a FISH LOGO!!!

Justin's Early Birthday party =) I don't know why but As usual JUSTIN the Ladies man!!!!!! He have more chicks that dudes at his party ;)

It wasn't the wildest or most AWESOME party ever but i really enjoy it we had a heart to heart conversation so thats PRETTY GREAT!!!! And his dad made us fruit punch i think its Watermellon mix with a lil Vodka! i drank 2 cups and after that i drank a can of beer thats it i went all tipsy and i got these horible alcohol rash on my face, neck and a hardcore headache @__@

Mua and Justin ;)

It was a blast

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