Thursday, May 5, 2011


It was a rainy day.. i was sitting in Starbucks enjoying my Java Chips Frap Its Half Price from 5pm-7pm !
WHY people choose to drink STARBUCKS when they can make coffee at home and save a whole load of cash!
well here's why ;) The atmosphere is good , the drink they serve are very good quality drinks we are talking about! and they have FREE INTERNET! GOSHHH
I wouldn't mind paying around RM14 for a cup of drink! i find starbucks really relaxing and they sell lots of other stuff like their bottles , bread , food , coffee beans , tea bags and fruit juice!

i love their bottles , its so CUTE!

The Food section YUMMYYY

look at their pictures on the wall!its so relaxing , and the whole place is not too bright not too dark just PERFECT

i think their workers are born artist too look at how they decorate their mini board

To Show my love to Starbucks i've combined a few photoes i took at Starbucks =)

-signing out-
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