Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Nothing in this world can every bring you down
life is hard its cruel
you always get unhappy
i get unhappy ...
people call me stupid i told them one thing
i don't like it when people try to insult me i will just end up standing up and telling them SORREYY i am not the type that would sit back and let you insult me i won't
you try to say HEYY NOTHING IS WRONG
but actually i know how you feel because when i said that no one in this world ever cared about me...
so i wouldn't want you to feel the same way...
i want everyone else to feel like someone is there for them and life is worth all the pain
you can try a million ways to hide and fake a smile but i can always feel it
the way you type the way you speak the way you look at someone or something i can feel it that something is wrong
i remember how i use to stand straight even if something falls on me try not to cry even though i know its pain and i will
trying to tell the world i'm fine when i am not
trying to look at someone that has pass by in your life with a smile and hiding the tears
i know how it feels
you feel like jumping off the building closing your eyes screaming in ur pillow trying to talk to your pet and telling them your problems but they will just eventually walk away and hide because they can't bare to look at you cry and tell them your problems cause they can't help

this is how i feel ...

-signing off-
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