Monday, August 2, 2010


Long time i never blog ;D
well Unstoppable for what??!!
ok lets see for the pass 2 days i have been going around pavilion from window shopping to NON-STOP shopping!!
i went into most of the shops Topshop Zara MNG Mooks Forever 21 and more i was shopping for new clothes cause everywhere you see this huge ass 70% off SIGN!!!! i just went like OHH YEAHHHHHHHH
but yet still some clothes after discount they still cost like a fortune
after shopping , unfortunately my whole housing area's power supply went OFF!!!
and the lift wasn't working , me and my mom ended up walking the stairs up to 10 floor it was scary some floors didn't have emergency lights i just went like FARKKK please i hope i don't see anything!!!
everything at home was pitch black!
i can't see properly... and it was hot and stuffy i just went like urrgghhh darrrn ok wtv i am going to bed now i didn't really sleep.about 4 something my brother came home and walk into my room and switch on the air-cond i wake up i just went like damn sleepy ok i went back to sleep then about 6 my puppy start barking because she needs to answer the call of nature jeezzz i try ignoring her HILARIOUS BARKING but i couldn't i end up waking up settling everything then go back to sleep i got less than 8 hours of sleep... i felt like dying!!
ok have continue next post i have to run my mom is going to kill me !!!!

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