Friday, July 30, 2010


when you are alone that is when you start to break down into pieces in silence -QUOTE

when you are alone no one cares
and all you wanted is someone to talk to and no one comes around
they always say they care about you but its just the saying , actually they didn't even care to look at you.
how sad is it to feel this pain
its like i am disappearing from the people
slowly the loneliness around you eats you up and all you have is your cellphone that never rings and you in a dark room
when your glamorous time is over , that is when the dark time comes and haunt you
when you look at yourself in the mirror and some tall size zero girl walks pass you , you feel like with their existence it makes you feel so embarrassed ...
i felt it today i was trying out some clothes when i walk out i see this super tall girl that wore the clothes so well and all of a sudden you feel like No all these clothes are only made for them in the first place...
no matter how you try to hide , they still wore it better and you will only be behind their shadow ..
how i wish i can grow taller and wear nice clothes like them...
all i ever wanted is to grow taller become slimmer and become pretty..
but its just like every time i got my confidence back , suddenly some tall hot girl just walk pass me and i'll be like " GOD i wear this shirt until it looks super ugly not meant to wear it"
makes you suddenly feel sad and your mood goes away....
i bet most of the ppl out there feel like how i feel sometimes...

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