Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Cheer Clinic 2010 ;D

Cheer Clinic today well i was expecting something like air-con very cold place so i brought my jacket
Ok i have to admit it was a rather bumpy ride thr! 11 of us squeeze into Ea Chuan's small Van and luckily it was a short ride to Bukit Jalil =D
when we reach thr omg so hot and stuffy!
we saw teams like Vibrants , Cyrens , Gems , Vipers , Zodiac all boys and girls , anchors , and Pirates all boys and girls team i hope i never miss out any team if i do mahh bad >0<'!!!
we keep practicing non stop thr and we were a lil nervous though when the judges come and teach us how we can improve our jumps and stuff ...
we tried our very best but there is still more space for improvement though
after the cheer clinic everyone was exhausted but the girls team have to take the lrt back to the school cause there was not enough car to fetch so many people...
so sad
but we had fun !!!


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