Sunday, July 4, 2010

Cry til the TEARS are GONE

i argue with my mom
i keep crying i don't know how long but i kept crying my tears kept rolling down i cannot control my emotions its like my heart is aching and my flesh is tearing apart it hurts so much...
i cry until my tears are dried
she told me "you never go against me before just because of him you go against me??How can you do this i am your mom!"
i shouted back "GO AWAY!!!!"
i cannot take it i hear my mom cry...
i'm sorry i know when you read this post it might be the last time i can talk to you nicely or sit beside you
but i hope you understand because now its really hard for me to tell you this but i have to
its been so nice seriously being with you =)
its just that i couldn't take it my mom argue with me everyday and today she cross my boarder line and she woke me up and she told me is it worth it just because of one guy you go against your own mother
i can't do it.... no matter how much i hate her she is still my mom even if i say things that i didn't mean she is still my mom
i have to BU with you i got no choice i know you will hate me but today i am tired of crying and arguing with my mom.... ....
so no matter how sad and how much i don't want this to happen i couldn't lie anymore...
i couldn't lie to her that i'm not with you
can we be like last time best best best super close friends for now if not i think i have to bare more than just SUSPENDED PHONE i think i might have to transfer tuition center and even more shits....
i hope you understand what i am in now and i hope you won't be mad at me

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