Monday, July 5, 2010

babygirl :)

even if the sky falls down and the thunder tear you into pieces you still need to put a smile on your face and tell yourself that this is NOTHING!and you can do it nothing in this world can stop you from moving forward <3
its funny how last time we use to listen to what our parents say and do whatever they want and now we won't even listen to what they say or follow what they want!
all we do now is talk back and stand on our own solid ground ...
i read the msg you left me its so touching =)
and it made me wanna cry and smile at the same time
mixed feelings overwhelmed my heart
i think i fell in love with rabbits!!!
cute fluffy puffy rabbits that cannot grow big!!!!
the baby rabbit omg so cute =)
biiibiiiii!!! rabbittt!!!! <3 <3 i wanna have one awww..... cute rabbits!!!

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