Friday, July 23, 2010

Dream ♥

i never like facing realities when it comes to choosing between two people.
i'd rather fall asleep and never wake up
because any decision you make one side will always get hurt and you never want to see that happen...
its so cruel
you are mad at me
you wanted an explanation i looked at you like one kind because i didn't even need an explanation i didn't even do anything wrong i was mad when you say that i thought that it didn't make sense i thought of disappearing in your life forever
i switched off my phone in Chemistry class i couldn't put a smile on my damn face everyone looked at me and ask me hey wassup you look damn tired i just fake a smile
i felt tired and again i felt like running away from reality its been a long time since i done that...
but yet its not the pain that kills its the loneliness in your soul that kills...

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